Graeme Park - Kaos 14, Late 92
also seen this labelled Mike Pickering - Kaos 15
1. Todd Terry - Desire - What I Want (The Unreleased Project Part 3)
2. Louie Louie - The Thought Of It (S Man Mix) "shes looking for another man"
3. Slam Mode - The Happy Song
4. LaTour - Blue (Underground Ice Pick Mix)
5. 2 Sum - Da Rydem (The Indulge Mix) (The Autumn Collection Part 1) "lets go, pump it" male
6. 280 West - Scattered Dreams (Boom Chocka-Boom Mix)
7. Jazzy - Lonely [Fader Records] jazzy bassline
8. DV8 - C'Mon (Hard As Hell Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]
9. Bizarre Inc - Im Gonna Get You (Todd Terry Rave Dub)
10. Metropolis - Metropolis (Analogue)
11. Subterranea feat Ann Consuelo - Do It For Love (Stonebridge Mix)
12. Robin S - Show Me Love (Stonebridge Club Mix)

12. Robin S - Show Me Love (Stonebridge Club Mix) (cont)
13. Notturno - Im In Love [DI-NA-MIX Records] "im in love with you, want you to love me too" female
14. Instant Exposure - I Need A Little More [Emotive Records] "i feel it boy"
15. Tuff Productions feat Carol Leeming - Wont Get To Heaven (Extended Diva Mix)
16. The Wildchild Experience - Know Eye (Long As You Like Mix) (Wildtrax Vol.1) [Loaded] byron scream (familiar)
17. House Of Gypsies - Samba Lumba (Tee's Freeze Mix)
18. Malaika - So Much Love (Techno Mix) [AM:PM] "im looking at you, your looking at me"
19. Ralphi Rosario - Bardot Fever (Quentagious ep) "do you feel it diva"
20. Rodeo Jones - Natural World
21. Snap! - Exterminate (A.C.II 12")
22. S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M. - Its Gonna Be A Lovely Day (Palladium House Anthem 1)

comment: also seen this mix labelled GP @ Ministry Of Sound, June 93

also seen labelled GP @ Up Yer Ronson 4th Dec 92

very silmilar to - Graeme Park @ Hacienda 28.11.92

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