Graeme Park - Feb-ish 91
1. Shake - Sonar 123 [Interface]
2. Z-Formation - Sound Waves [Hi-Bias]
3. Tribal House - Mainline (Peace-A-Pella) "hey ya yaa, peace, let it grow, looking for the mainline"
4. Rare Arts - Boriqua Posse [Strictly Rhythm] "yo fellas" blackriot / mexican male
5. MK - Feel The Fire
6. Soft House Co - What You Need
7. Ceybil - Love So Special (Dub)
8. Lucky Strike feat Champagne - Body To Body [Raw] "get on and move" female rap
9. Omniverse - Never Get Enough "just a little louder ohh yeah"
10. Smoove Jam - Work The Rhythm
11. Underground Resistance - Your Time Is Up "ohh yeah, you make me feel so real" female / inner city piano
12. Jay Williams - One Step At A Time "i want you to take it, do it for me & ill do it for you" male
13. Underground Resistance - Your Time Is Up (accapella)

1. Deee-Lite E.S.P. "i like it, power" whisper female (briefly)
2. Simphonia - Cant Get Over Your Love
3. Dee Dee Brave - My My Lover (Just Like Paradise)
4. Tony Moran - Same Sun Same Sky "lets dance"
5. Irene Ortiz - In My House "move your body"
6. Deee-Lite - E.S.P. (Psychepella) "wont you listen to what the djs spinning, hes tapping into just what your feeling" female

comment: likely a demo tape as the Hacienda was closed 30th Jan 1991 for 5 months

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