Chuff Chuff, early 94 - Graeme Park & Jon The Pleased (2xTape)
Graeme Park
1. Sound Factory - Good Times
2. Level 42 - All Over You (Pharmacy Dub) "im over you" male / horns (schooly d beat in middle)
3. INXS - Please (You Got That...) (Club Need Mix) "please you got that need" male
4. Crystal Waters - 100% Pure Love
5. KWS - It Seems to Hang On (Graeme Park's Hacienda Club Mix)
6. Inner City - Do ya (Graeme Park Bonus Beats)
7. Taylor Dayne - I'll Wait (Extended Club Mix 1)
8. Loveland feat Darlene Lewis - Let The Music (Lift You Up) (Bottom Dollar Remix)
9. Jomanda - I Cried The Tears (Ralphi Rosario Extended Vocal Mix)
10. Colourblind - Nothing Better
11. Screen II - Hey Mr DJ

11. Screen II - Hey Mr DJ (cont)
12. Mary J Blige - Reminisce (Uno Clio Mix) "feeling so surprised"
13. The Urban Motion Project - Jungle Lust (I Want You) "I want you, I need you" female / whistles
14. Sounds Of Blackness - I Believe
15. Grant Nelson - TT K.M.A. (Untitled Mix 1) "hey dup dup now" male
16. Dr Alban - Look Who's Talking (Stone's Eurodub)
17. Junior Vasquez - Get Your Hands Off My Man (Sound Factory Mix)
18. Juliet Roberts - I Want You (Monster Club Mix)
19. ASHA - JJ Tribute

Jon The Pleased
1. The House Of Zekkariyas - Secret Star (The Renaissance Dub)
2. K-Klass - What You're Missing (Pharmacy Dub) "reach out, hold on I love someone" male
3. Sound Of One - As I Am (Sound Factory Mix) "take me baby" piano/female vocals
4. Groove Box feat Evelyn Thomas - One World
5. The Brand New Heavies - Back To Love (DJ Duke Mix)
6. Solitaire Gee - The Teazer [Phat] "can I have the rhythm, tease me"
7. K-Klass - What Youre Missing "gotta keep reachin for what your missin" female
8. Kitsch In Sync - Jazz Ma'Ass [Global Grooves] "jazz ma ass man" male

8. Kitsch In Sync - Jazz Ma'Ass [Global Grooves] "jazz ma ass man" male (cont)
9. Gold Coast - Havana Lick (Gold Seal Dub) "dow dow dee dow" male scat/sax
10. Respect - Young Hearts Run Free (Loveland Nrgetically Executed Dub) techno cat
11. Shimmon - Stomp [Jamm Records] "that was fantastic"
12. Midi Rain - Always (Red Jerry Mix)
13. 2 Cowboys - Everybody Gonfi Gon
14. SAIN - Its Alright
15. Androgeny feat Michael M - I Could Be This...
16. Tall Paul - Rock Da House
17. Tin Tin Out feat Sweet Tee - The Feeling
18. The Two Amigos - Los Puerbos (briefly)

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