Allister Whitehead & Pete Bromley @ Golden, early 95
The Academy, Glass St. Hanley, Stoke On Trent
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
Allister Whitehead
1. Mary J Blige - You Bring Me Joy (E-Smoove's Joyous Club Mix)
2. [02:30] ??? "come on" female/sax
3. Brand New Heavies - Close To You (Masters At Work Remix)
4. Pamela Ferndandez - Lets Start Over (Underground Anthem Mix)
5. Shades Of Love - Keep In Touch (Body To Body) (10.31 Mix)
6. Crystal Waters - What I Need (Erick "More" Club Mix)
7. Urban Discharge feat She - Wanna Drop A House (Junior Sound Factory Mix)
8. Anthony White - Love Me Tonight (Gomez Rocks The Joint)
9. N.Y.G. - The Real Thing (Luvdup Dub) "no doubt about it" male

9. N.Y.G. - The Real Thing (Luvdup Dub) cont
10. The New York Minutemen - OK, Alright..... (Nostalgia House Mix)
11. Wildchild - Renegade Master
12. H2O feat Billie - Satisfied (Take Me Higher)
13. Terry Hunter - Beautiful Place (Headhunter ep) "this love is beautiful" female/piano
14. Eve Gallagher - You Can Have It All (Rhyme Time Club Mix)
15. The Real Deal feat Annette Taylor - Dont You Wanna Be Mine (Steve Bourasa Remix)
16. Sam Ellis - Club Lonely (Luv Dub Mix)
17. Up Yer Ronson - Lost In Love (Up Yer Ronson Mix)

Pete Bromley
1. Incognito - Everyday (mix?)
2. Lou 2 - Freaky (The Bar Heads Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]
3. The Police - Voices Inside My Head (E-Smoove Pump Mix)
4. [12:30] ??? "do me one more time, i give you everything" female
5. Frankie Knuckles feat Adeva - Too Many Fish (Morales D-Max Mix)
6. [23:00] ??? "everybody, ive got to hold on to love, fight no more" female
7. [25:00] ??? female
8. [28:30] ??? "come on" male/organ

9. Robbie Craig - Special (David Morales Mix) "your so special, weve got a special love, i know im rushing just an ultimate high"
10. Shiva - Work It Out (Morales Classic Club Mix)
11. [39:30] ??? "im good for you, send me runnin around" female/organ
12. Federal Hill - I Have Something For You (T.M.V.S. Club Mix)
13. [47:00] ??? "come on and take me up, desire, sweeter than honey, sweeter even still" female
14. DJ Disciple presents Innervisions feat Dawn Tallman - I'll Do Anything (Mentalinstrum Dub) "when i get you home tonight, everything will be alright"
15. [55:00] ??? female
16. [57:00] ??? "give yourself to me" deep male/organ
17. The Rhythm Construction Co. - Hard Diversion (The Next Dub ep) [Nice N Ripe] "disco is back, gotta believe in"

original tape cover

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