Mark Moore & Gordon Kaye @ Golden, late 95
The Academy, Glass St. Hanley, Stoke On Trent

e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
Mark Moore

1. [00:00] ? "gonna let the music move me around" repeated
2. S-Express - Superfly Guy (The Fluffy Bagel Mix)
3. Zero The Hero - Come With Me (Euphoric Riff Mix) [Ugly Bug] "come with me" repeated female
4. Brooklyns Poor And Needy - Happiness (Is Just Around The Bend) (Daily Signing Mix) "yes you are now rocking with the best"
5. Shades Of Rhythm - My Love (Dub) "here comes the big bass drum, got you movin, rock" male
6. Finito - Movin 2 Music [Stylofiction] "come on" male "everybodys moving to" lisa lisa vocal sample
7. Traci Lords - Control (Overlords House Mix) "make it better" female whisper
8. Lois Lane - Set Me Free (Fat Drum Mix) "set me free, do it to me now" female/piano
9. Bit Machine feat Daisy Dee - Somebody Real
10. Soapy - Horny as Funk (mix?) "oh yeah, let me hear you say ho" male
11. Pizzaman - Sex On The Streets
12. XS - Just Like Candy [Yoshitoshi] "taste me" female whisper
13. The Lisa Marie Experience - Do That To Me
14. 28 East Boyz - Triptonite
15. Antonomasia - And Ill Be There (LWS Bitch Mix) [FFRR] "i will be there" female
16. Stylofoam - Comes Over Me "the fantasy, comes over me" female
17. Disco-Tex Vol.1 - 4 Love "i walk along the road we used to walk" male/funky guitar
18. The Three Degrees - The Runner (1979)
19. KGB - Burnin Like Fire
20. Tan-Ru - Changeling [Trelik] briefly

Gordon Kaye
1. Gee-Man - The Soul (Fixitinda Mix) [Strictly Rhythm] echo male
2. Cerrone - Cerrone's Paradise (Justin Robertson Remix)
3. [07:00] ? foreign female
4. [10:30] "give me some" female/disco/piano
5. De'lacy - Hideaway
6. Butter - Do Me Right [Emotive]
7. Dvus - Infectuation [Acetate] "do you want me do you need me" female/piano
8. Janice Robinson - Children (Joe T Vannelli Totally Remix) "come onto me"
9. Safar - Gimme! Gimme! [Strictly Rhythm] "keep keep keep that, no matter to me now" female "no matter till midnight"
10. Mone - We Can Make It (Joe T Vannelli Vox Mix)
11. Sound Design (Todd Terry) - Bounce To The Beat (Remix)
12. Disco Citizens - Right Here Right Now (CJ Scott Mix)
13. [61:40] ? "alright, gonna feel higher, alright" male/whistle
14. Violet - Burn The Elastic
15. New Order - Blue Monday (Hardfloor Mix)
16. Joey Musaphia - That Sound (Musaphia Madness ep) "din da da"
17. Space 2000 - Do You Wanna Funk (Joe T Vannelli Light Mix) [Wired Recordings]
18. Joy For Life - Warm It Up (Mainstreet Mix) [Stress] briefly

original tape cover

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