Frankie Knuckles @ Soak, Leeds Corn Exchange, 28th Aug 93
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
1. [00:00] ? "i want you" female/sax
2. Unreel Productions Inc. - Oh Baby (Run For Cover Mix) "oh baby i want" female
3. Tony Carrasco - Sad & Lonely (Tuff Mix) "if you get sad and lonely" pamela fernandez vocal
4. [08:30] ? piano inst
5. [12:20] ? "have to be moving, to the rhythm" female/piano/sax
6. Miss Bliss - Best Thing (Ms Thing's Fierce Pantyhose Mix) "your the best thing"
7. [21:40] ? inst with funky bassline
8. Pizarro - Backstabbers (Left Over Mix) "ooh yeah" female/organ
9. David Morales & The Bad Yard Club - The Program (Murder Mix) "oh de ma program"
10. Lance Ellington - Lonely (Have We Lost Our Love) (Muchacho Dub)
11. Monie Love - Never Give Up (Junior Dub) "oh yeah, i never give up" female
12. Mariah Carey - Dream Lover (Def Club Mix)
13. Bjork - Human Behaviour (Dom T Mix)
14. Yellow & Black - Forever [Cutting Traxx]
15. Michael Watford - Luv 4-2 (Mentalinstrum) "this love was made for two" male
16. Deep Voyage - Alone (female)
17. Hat Trixx - Ole Ole
18. Spank Da Monkey - Cosmic Disco Rebash [Mousetrap]
19. Workin Happily - Feel It (Cajmere Underground Goodie Dub) [UDP] "can you feel it" female
20. Ultra Nate - Joy (Turn It, Ms. Ultra Mix) "feel the joy joy joy" female

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