Fantazia NYE 92-93 @ Littlecote - DiY Jack (Love Lounge)
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown tracks
1. Mediteria - Based On Numbers "based on numbers" female
2. [05:00] ? "gonna be a brighter day" stuttery
3. The Moody Boys - King Of The Funky Zulus "zulu, so funky" bambaataa/acidy
4. Flipped Out - So Much Joy (Bass Tab Mix) [Fourth Wave]
5. Smiling Faces - Wooden Head [Breakthrough] "b b b baby"
6. Funky People - Higher Love (Basic Mix) [Baia Degli Angeli]
7. Miss Jones - The Traxx (Martini Traxx Mix) [New Meal Power]
8. [36:30] ? GTO - Listen to the rhythm flow (mix?)
9. Bob and Ian - Catacomb [Vivatonal] "come on everybody make you feel alright" "my adrenalins flowing and i cant stop" female
10. Play Boys - Mindgames (You Keep Playing Guitar) [Loaded]
11. The End - Elastador [Flying]
12. Memphisto - State Of Mind (Anxious Mix) [Palmares]
13. [55:04] ? "but still i love you" female

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