Unknown DJ @ Es Paradis, Ibiza 1992
1. Bridgett Grace - Take It To The Limit [Network]
2. The Party - In My Dreams
3. Sure Is Pure - Is This Love Really Love (Orig)
4. Degrees Of Motion - Shine On
5. The Beatmasters - Dunno What It Is (About You)
6. 49ers feat Ann Marie Smith - Got To Be Free (E-Smoove Groove Mix)
7. Love & Sas - Call My Name (E-Smooves Groovy Mix) "come on baby lets stick together"
8. Shay Jones - Are You Gonna Be There
9. Sheer Bronze - Walkin On (Degrees Of Motion Club Mix)
10. Da Yeene - Alright (Club Mix)
11. Spacemater feat DJ G - I Need You (All Right Mix)
11. Spacemater feat DJ G - I Need You (All Right Mix) cont
12. Clubland - (Im Under) Love Strain
13. Clubland feat Zemya Hamilton - Set Me Free (Im On Fire) "I want your love, take me higher, set me free, im on fire"
14. Donna Gardier - Good Thing
15. The Project feat Linda Rice - Out Of Control
16. Helen Bruner - Gimme Real Love
17. Subliminal Aurra - No Stoppin [XL]
18. MK - Burning
19. SSR - To Be House
20. Degrees Of Motion - Do You Want Me Right Now (Motion Beats Mix)
21. Michael Jackson - Dont Stop Till You Get Enough
22. Solo - Come On (Paradis Mix)

comment: possibly Graeme Park

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