Dreamscape 20 (9th Sept 95) - Jon Pleased Wimmin (Progress Arena)
Brafield Aerodrome Fields, Horton Road, Brafield, Northampton
1. Dana Dawson - 3 Is Family (Dancing Divas Club Mix)
2. Baloga Boys - Everlasting Gobstopper (Get Up) "lets work, do your dance" female
3. Soundsation - Peace & Joy (female/electric guitar/piano)
4. Donna Summer - I Feel Love (Rollo & Sister Bliss Monster Mix)
5. The Bucketheads - The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)
6. Doug Lazy - Rollin' On (SPS Dub Lazy Mix) "house house groove, keep going" doug lazy vocal samples / piano
7. Dave Stewart - Secret (SPS Mad Club Mix) female whisper/timpani -split-
8. Bump - Im Rushing '95 (Valentine & Morena Club Mix)
9. Moonchild - VOAT "hold me, rock your body" piano
10. Candy Girls - Fee Fi Fo Fum (Sharp Dub)
11. Todd Terry - Jungle Hot (Drum Drum Mix) "hot hot" female TUNE!
12. Club America - Club America "the choice is yours" male
13. Perplexer - Church of House (Celvin Rotane Remix) heavy inst
14. Eurogroove - Its On You (Jon Of The Pleased Wimmin Club Mix) "what would you like to do to me, oh yeah" female "come on baby" male / piano briefly

comment: similar to miss moneypennys 95 & Boxed 95 large saled

original tape pack cover

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