Middlesbrough Empire (Sugar Shack 1st Birthday) 30th Sept 94 - John Digweed
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
1. [00:00] Miss Bliss - Best Thing (F.O.S. Eternal Remix) "youre the best thing" female
2. [08:00] Joe T Vannelli feat Csilla - Voice In Harmony (Joe T Vannelli Dubby Mix)
3. [13:00] ? "make it vibe" male
4. [17:30] Groove Island - Music [Subway Records] "music with more muscle, the home of the big beat"
5. [22:30] Voice Of The Underground - Love Won't Let You Down (Monster Mix) "keep it goin strong, keep on"
6. [27:50] Griffon - You Make Me Peal (Hammond Mix) "you make me feel so so" female/organ
7. [31:40] U.S.E. - Beyond The Unknown [UMM] "ooh so real" female
8. [35:50] Angel Moraes - I Like It (I Like How Youre Lovin Me) (The Fog Horn)
9. [42:00] The Reese Project - The Colour Of Love (Big Bump Mix)
10. [49:40] Sounds Of Blackness - Everything Is Gonna Be Alright (Unreleased Sasha Remix)
11. [58:20] Dave Stewart - Heart Of Stone (Sure Breakdown Dub) [Anxious]
12. [62:30] Mother - Get Back [Six6] "come on and go back, to the beat of the drum" vocoder male
13. [65:20] Talizman - Only You (The Only House Mix)
14. [71:00] USL - Dance With Me "come on dance with me" vocals from age of love
15. [72:30] Opus III - Hand In Hand (Looking For Sweet Inspiration) (Perfecto Mix)
16. [75:50] Forthright - How Sweet The Sound "I once was lost, but now im found" male
17. [80:50] Marco Polo - A Prayer To The Music (John Digweed's Northern Exposure Mix)

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