John Digweed @ Renaissance, May 93
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
1. The Reese Project - So Deep (Bump Dub) briefly
2. XL Rhythm - Seduction [Ozone] inst synth (sounds like fade to grey)
3. Black Girl Rock - The Theme [Flying] "movin movin freestyle is movin"
4. Disco Evangelists - De Niro [Positiva]
5. Dr. Atomic - Schudelfloss [Guerilla] "i can feel it"
6. D-Code - Odyssey (Lionrock Remix) [IT] "your fantasy, my secret echo" female
7. Evolution - Love Thing (Compulsion Mix) [Deconstruction]
8. Miss Jones - The Traxx (Martini Traxx Mix) "change the track"
9. The Popular Peoples Front Of Judea - Together (What Have The Romans Done For Us Mix) [Immigration] "forever" stuttery strings/horns
10. Boomshanka - Do You Have The Power (This Side Mix) [Cowboy] stuttery female / piano
11. (43:30) ? inst

12. Special Clock - Boom Pow "makes me wanna scream, boom, pow"
13. Sunscreem - Broken English (Sandstorm Mix?) "what are you fighting for"
14. The Reese Project - So Deep (Full Bump Mix)
15. Maw & Co feat Xavier Gold - Gonna Get Back To You (DMC remix Marc Auerbach, Phil Kelsey, Steve Travell)
16. Midi Rain - Shine (Pierre's Chicago House Mix) "let your mind be your sun" male
17. Mr Marvin - I Want You [Global Cuts] "i want you" repeated male/percussive
18. Mr Marvin - Hammond Groove [Global Cuts]
19. The Oval Five Project - Vertigo (Doi-ing vs Spooky Thumper Mix) "hey" stuttery male
20. F.L.U.X. 33 - Listen To My Deal [Marcon Music]
21. Trilogy - Good Time (briefly)

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