John Digweed Vol 1 - The Essential Series (1995) [FAKE]
Head II Head

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Blank Side
[00:00] 4th Measure Men - The Keep (Armand's Funkingdom Mix)
[04:30] ? "give it up" or "just keep it up" repeated female/organ "suckers" male
[09:00] 4th Measure Men - The Need (Sharp Shock Dub) "somebody needs me" female
[13:00] Antic - The Ultimate [Hooj Choons]
[16:40] ?
[22:00] Millenium EP Volume One - Everybody Reach (Malcolm Duffy Remix) "push up your hand" female
[25:40] Partizan - Keep Your Luv [Kartoonz] "keep your love away from me" female
[29:30] Mellow Tracks Vol 1 - N-Joy (Original Mix) "back to you" female

Logo Side
[00:00] Motiv8 And Kym Mazelle - Searching For The Golden Eye (Sharp Dub) "I cant rely on you" repeated female
[03:30] Indica - The Green Bottle With The Wax... Fantastic [Movin Melodies]
[07:30] D&T - Up And Down (Acid Shakedown) (Rizzo's Funk Electric Mix) "up down" male
[11:40] The Peppermint Lounge - Body Rhythmic
[15:00] Scooter - Friends (Ramon Zenker Club Mix) "friends will be friends" female
[19:00] ? 50:00 inst
[25:00] Chakka Boom Bang - Tossing And Turning (Tony De Vit Mix)
[28:00] M-Zone & The Dentist - Into the Future (Dentist Future Mayhem)

comment: hard house mix, dont think this is done by John Digweed

maybe Pete Wardman

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