John Digweed @ Bump, Readheads, Albert Park, 19-11-94
Melbourne, Australia
1. Marco Polo - A Prayer To The Music (John Digweed And Nick Muir's Northern Exposure Mix)
2. M People - Sight For Sore Eyes (Hed Boys Post Op Mix)
3. Safar - Raheem (The Original Graceful Mix) [Strictly Rhythm] "i believe" female
4. Dtox - Heaven (Is A Place In Your Heart) (Dave Valentine 12" Mix) "ooh aha, i believe im in heaven"
5. Marine Boy - Creation Light Energy
6. House Of Virginism - You Dont Have To Worry (Rhythm Inc's Hi NRG Mix) [FFRR] "sign here" repeated male
7. Who Dem Guyz? - We Can Make It (Bump UK Club Mix) [X-Clusive]
8. Shanna - Do Me Boy (Fourious Perniola Classic Mix) "just do me boy"
9. Justine - Want Me Love Me (F.O.S. Love Guitar Mix)
10. Shindig - Seasons (Timeless EP Part 1) [Bomba] spanish female
11. Way Out West - Ajare
12. First Life - Be One of Us
13. Leftfield - Song For Life (Dub For Life Mix)
14. Li Kwan - Point Zero
15. Bridgett Reznor - Take Over (Raytheon Thumper Mix)
16. Elevatorman - Funk & Drive (Basement Dub)
17. Yothu Yindi - Treaty (Stuart Crichton Mix)
18. Finitribe - Love Above (possibly - Sourmash Dave's Goa Bandwagon Mix)
19. Soul Surfers - Slip (Ravine Mix) [23rd Precinct]
20. Li Kwan - I Need A Man "come on, I cant wait no more"
21. Grace - Not Over Yet

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