John Digweed 2 - Studio Mix, 23rd July 93
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
1. Wall Of Sound - Critical (If You Only Knew) (Solitaire Gee Remix) "its critical, dont you know im falling for you" male
2. Patti Day - Right Before My Eyes (remix/cover version?)
3. Danny Campbell & Sasha - Together (Together In A Dub) [DMC 7/93]
4. Oui 3 - Break From The Old Routine (You Know What I Mean Dub)
5. The Beloved - Outer Space Girl [EastWest] "can you hear me out there"
6. Shakespear's Sister - You're History (Brothers In Rhythm Remix) [DMC 6/93]
7. Cool Jack - Try The Feeling
8. Deep Piece - Panoramic Shuffle (Who Gotcha Car Mix) [Limbo] "ready to rock" male chanting
9. 108 Grand - Tonight [Fresh] acidy/broken beat

10. Deep Piece - Panoramic Shuffle (Who Gotcha Car Mix) [Limbo]
11. D-Shake - The Sound Of Music [Go Bang!] "the vibe thats flowing through me"
12. Turntable Hype - Music Got Me (Trancin) [Go Bang!] "oh oh oh the musics got me trancin" female
13. Amnesia - Happy (Espuma Mix) "wo ho, get up" scat / samples Axe Corner - Tortuga
14. Country & Western - Reincarnation [Zebra]
15. LaTour - Craziaskowboi (Round Em' Up Dub) "yah, yeah ha, aye" male
16. Spooky - Land Of Oz [Guerilla] female scat "you better ..."
17. Lisa B - Fascinated (Diss-Cuss Dub) "you bitch, go and work, so fierce" camp male
18. Anthony White - I Cant Forget You "start a brand new life, come on baby"
19. Fathers Of Sound - Revelation (Trance Mix) "a revelation thats my fever..." female/acidy
20. Mellow Mellow - I Cant Stop (Parrot Trance)

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