DJ Cruze - Life @ Bowlers, June 1993 (48min)
1. Jagga - Na Na Na (Acido Latino Mix) (acidy / big strings)
2. B-Line - Come To It [Cleveland City] "come on" male
3. Scope - Get Closer "closer and closer to you baby" female
4. Solitaire Gee - Slumberland (Rhythm Invention Remix) "its groovy baby" female
5. Klatsch! - Oh Boy
6. Diesel And Ether - I Cant Sleep (Rumble Mix) "i cant sleep at night, its because of you" female
7. Xen Mantra - Goowon (High Hands Mix) (Midas ep) "clap your hands" male
8. Massaya - Hey Man [Next] "here you go man spark that" male / stuttery strings
9. X-Press 2 - London X-Press (The Journey Continues) "raise your hands"
10. Mr Peach - Lets Dance (Whole Fruit Dub Mix) "now tease me"
11. Fluke - Electric Guitar (Hot Tube) dizzy heights
12. Funky Disco & The New Groove - Oww (Pt. 1 Really Funked Up) "come on people" male / funky guitar
13. Xen Mantra - Golden Delicious (Dandy Lion & Burdock Remix)
14. DOP - Here I Go
15. Rollin Gear - Ive Got It [UFG] "i got it" whitney houston vocal sample / trumpet (briefly)

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