Life @ Bowlers 5th Birthday Party 29-3-97 (Club Mix 37) (59min)
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
1. [00:00] ??? "gotta feel it yeah, what a feeling" female
2. Scorccio - Inferno (Fired Up Mix) "attack the dancefloor like a bulldoser" male rap/dan hartman
3. Kathy Brown Vs Alison Limerick - Turn Me Out (Remix) [Liberty 4]
4. Piano City Productions - Anthem 2 "pump up the jam" male (samples last rhythm)
5. Gongo - Master Blaster (Matthew's Master Mix)
6. Sarasota - Come on Now "and run to me" female
7. Slapper - Rock To The Max "baby i dont know what i should do" female/piano
8. DJ Flavours - Your Caress "to be close to your hear"
9. DJ Flavours - Rhythm Flow "gotta have house/to the rhythm" piano (samples 45king - 900 number)
10. DJ Flavours - Throw Your Hands Up "now throw your hands up" male rap/piano
11. Harsky & Stutch - Can Stutch Dance (The Bear Pit ep) [Tokyo Disko] samples fast eddie - can u dance
12. The Fanclub - Rocker's Delight [Mr Cheng's Quality Tunes] "one of a kind" male rap / guitar
13. JT Playaz - Just Playin' (Scorccio Club Mix) "the proof is in the pudding" fast male rap/samples black box
14. Land Of Oz - In The Name Of Love "na na na, all for love, oh yes it is" female
15. Benedict Brothers - 4 Those That Can Dance "for your love" female/samples eric b & rakim
16. Libido - The Second Coming "la muzica" (riff from James - Come Home)

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