Boy George & Jim Shaft Ryan - Chuff Chuff Collection '94 (Green)
Live Recordings From Chuff Chuff & Miss Moneypenny's

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* Boy George *

Janis Joplin - Mercedes Benz
1. Olga - Im A Bitch
2. The Burger Queens - House Fever (East Side Angels Mix) "house fever" repeated male
3. Forthright - How Sweet The Sound "I once was lost, but now im found" male
4. Quivver - Twist & Shout
5. Itchy & Scratchy - Crowd Jumpin (Itchin + Bitchin ep) [Spot On] "lookey here the crowd is jumpin, hey" technotronic vocal sample
6. The Purple Kings - Thats The Way You Do It [Positiva] samples dire straits money for nothing
7. Soundsation - Peace & Joy (samples lenny kravitz)
8. Lee Cakebread - Styx (Stomp Mix) [The Body Bang ep] "let me hear you stomp" samples New Atlantic - I Know
9. Shirley Bassey - Im In The Mood For Love "mighty real" female/piano
10. Dream Frequency - You Make Me Feel Mighty Real (Dancing Divaz Remix)
11. Loleatta Holloway - The Queens Anthem (Cummin In My Rollers Mix) [Six6]
12. II Real, D Day - Chicken Soup Song "you make me feel, little dick" female / funky guitar
13. Dance Fever - Out On The Dancefloor [Definitive] "movin to the beat" pamela fernandez vocal
14. 20 Fingers feat Gillette - Short Dick Man (Acappella)
15. Eve Gallagher - You Can Have It All 'theres a rumour on the streets that you can have it all'

* Jim Shaft Ryan *
1. Punchunella - San Trancisco "oh yeah" piano
2. Marcella Detroit - I Want To Take You Higher (Vertigo Mix) "wanna take you higher" repeated female
3. [04:00] ??? robotic voice
4. Elastic Band - Running Up That Hill
5. D.O.P. - Lion [Guerilla] 
6. Loveland feat Rachel McFarlane - Let The Music (Lift You Up) (Full On Vocal Mix) "come on grab somebody"
7. Dco2 - Do What You Feel "you interfere, freedom from above, yeah" male
8. D.F.A. - Keep In My Way [Flying] "watching you, and the movement of your body" female
9. JX - Son Of A Gun
10. 2 Minds - 2 Minds "yeah" female
11. Schiffer - Rivoluzione [Underground]
12. Real Touch Concept - Chunks Of Funk "clap your hands stomp your feet" JB samples / horns
13. Dominoes - Love On Love (Shut The Door) [Italian Style] "shut the door, keep down the sound" male
14. S.H.O.K. - Old Times (Club D.O. Mix) [Italian Style Production] "we start this show, gimme a funky ass beat" male
15. [33:00] ??? "baby come to me" male / electric guitar
16. 2 Examples - Just Cant Help Me "just cant dance no more, just cant help it"

16. 2 Examples - Just Cant Help Me "just cant dance no more, just cant help it" (cont)
17. Sexual Intercourse - Sex Rhythm [Spyder] "rhythm rhythm" deep male
18. Rhythm Of Life - Herbie Rides Again [UCR] piano/vocoder male scat
19. Flavio Dado presents Rhythm Of Pleasure - Rhythm Of Pleasure [Out]
20. [46:50] ??? female/organ
21. Chase - Love For The Future "ive got a new love for the future" female / euro
22. Maya - M-usic (Club Mix) [Hot] "everybody shake your body" male "you said" female 
23. Illusive - Take Me Higher (Paparazzi Mix) "let the music take me higher" female
24. The Delorme - Feel This Way (Club For Life Mix) [Spanish Fly ep] female / piano
25. T.M.Y. - Lady Marmalade (Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi)
26. Phase III - You Got To Get Loose [Extreme] "to get loose, just let the music motivate your mind" female
27. Dynamic Base - Africa "hip hip house this house is hip house say, africa" male / U2 piano
28. SSR - Hippodrome "1234567" female
29. Sharada House Gang - Dancing Through The Night

comment: the Jim Shaft Ryan tape is also part of the Jim Shaft Ryan & Justin Robertson blue double pack

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