Zone @ Jenks Bar Blackpool Vol 1 (1993)
DJ Chris Baker & Andy D + MC Irie
1. Last Rhythm - Sleepwalking (Briefly)
2. Mukka - Neebro (Limbo) samples yazoo
3. Infinity - Dirty Love (GNR)
4. Datura - Yerba Del Diablo
5. Bass Bumpers - Move It To The Rhythm "you got to move it with me" female
6. Selector - Move Your Body "dance with me now, join the party live" has male rap
7. Problem House II - Party People
8. BFI - Why Not Jazz (Doop Doop Doop) "you got me burning up"
9. Jinny - Never Give Up (Remix)
10. Z100 - Zesta Dont Stop "cant stop"
11. TFO - Just Keep In Your Love "gonna give me your love" samples Part-E
12. Jagga - Na Na Na (samples 49ers)
13. Lee Marrow feat Lipstick - Dont You Want Me "play me raw"
14. XL Rhythm - Brothers and Sisters "just let the music motivate your mind"
15. Void - No Stoppin
16. Ruffcut feat Carol Jones - Run To Me "come on now run to me" female

1. Kickin Kru - Touch The Sky (Jungle Brothers vs Hyper Go Go)
2. Tony Carrasco - Games "I want to know, who needs enemies with friends like you"
3. Karlo D & DJ Stress - Hallelujah "dont you believe" female/piano
4. Dynamic Express - The Next Train
5. Jinny - Feel The Rhythm "feel the music, feel the rhythm"
6. Bizarre Inc - Playing With Knives
7. Inner Planet - Good Love "get hype, get it right" male
8. Spacemaster - I Need You
9. Dakeyne - B-Funked (inst piano)
10. Terrorize - Natural High "I want to get so high" (female)
11. Global Love - A Better Love "you've got to give me a little" female (samples B-Sides - The Tape)
12. Rhythm On The Loose - Rhythmology (Remix) "im gonna get you yes i am" samples kariya
13. La Tour - Hypno Mania "im freaking out man"
14. DJ Mollella - Revolution (Remix)
15. Motiv 8 - Rockin 4 Myself "holdin on right now" female
16. Rhythm Eclipse - Feel It In The Air (Pigeon Pie) "passion, devotion" piano
17. Sound Crowd - Energy Rush (cover version of suburban delay)
18. Moby - Feel It "next is the e"
original CD cover

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