Zone - DJ Chris Baker Vol.1 Summer 93
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
1. Our Tribe - I Believe In You
2. Rhythm Eclipse - Feel It In The Air (Pigeon Pie)
3. Kristaal - Take Me To The Top (creative thieves vocal/piano)
4. Dirty Mind - The Killer
5. Z100 - Zesta Dont Stop "wont stop"
6. 49ers - Everything "everything you do and say I wont let you get away" female
7. Jinny - Feel The Rhythm "feel the music, feel the rhythm"
8. Inner Planet - Good Love "get hype, get it right" male
9. Cappella - U Got 2 Know
10. Chase - Music Is My Life "keep it coming" female
11. Regina Lee - I Really Know [New Music International] "I really know, we can make it" female / piano
12. Kickin Kru - Touch The Sky (Jungle Brothers vs Hyper Go Go)
13. Fargetta - Music Was My First Love
14. Dakeyne - B-Funked (inst piano)
15. Fluid - Do It Right [Aries] "you know how to make me do right" female/piano
16. Secchi - We Are Easy To Love (Bliss Team Rmx) "oh yes I know, were easy to love, oh yeah" female

1. The Marvels - You Had Everything [Strength] "we had everything & nothing to hide, your everybodys son" female/sax
2. Silvia Coleman - Get On Up [Line Music] "you got to get on up" (sounds like Joy Salinas)
3. Stravaganza - Get Me Over [Aries] "I believe, getting over" female / piano / whistle
4. Sharada House Gang - Let The Rhythm Move You
5. 50 htz - Get Up "move your body, take it up"
6. Krystal Club - One More Time "lets tell them one more time, check it out" female
7. Chase - Music Is My Life
8. [21:50] ??? "ive got to know" female
9. Sound Machine - Wake Up "love, crash, sweet dreams " female
10. Sexy 7 - Make My Body Move (female)
11. Last Rhythm - Back To Life "tell me what you need" female / piano (familiar)
12. Little Rascal - Movin To The Beat (female / piano)
13. Cotton Club - Cotton Wool ep "come on now" female / piano / broken beat
14. Liberation - Liberation 2 (Smile Through Your Tears)
15. Glam - Hells Party
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