Carl Cox Vol 4 @ Angels, Burnley, June 94 (House Set)
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
1. ? [00:00] sax/organ (briefly)
2. ? [00:30] "that feeling, his love was so good, never take it away baby" female
3. Direckt - Two Fatt Guitars (Skankin Mix) "gimme another tune"
4. Ascension - Move To The Music (Elevation Mix)
5. Taiko - Echo Drop (Hard Mix)
6. Chris And James - Calm Down (Original Club Mix)

7. Left Hand Down - Viva Dubs Pt 2 [Subwoofer] "ooh baby yeah"
8. Klatsch! - God Save The Queer [Fresh Fruit]
9. Keith Mac Project - De Dah Dah (Spice Of Life)
10. Manjore - El Funky [First Impression] doobie brothers sample with spanish talking
11. Eve & Night - Our Rhythm (Piano Mix) gargled male vocal
12. Joe Roberts - Adore (Red Jerry Mix)
13. Movin Melodies - La Luna (The Ethics ep)
14. DJ Duke - Turn It Up (Say Yeah) (Demo Blaster)
15. Moby - Hymn (Dirty Hypo) "ah yeah" female/acidy
16. Pan Position - Elephant Paw (Get Down To The Funk)
17. Elevator - Shinny (Harmony Mix)
18. Bump - House Stompin (Big Bump Mix)
19. Deadly Sins - We Are Going On Down (Bottom Dollar Club Mix)

20. F Machine - Lost In America (Floor Federation Club Mix)
21. Hyperspace - Europa (Deep In Milan) [TeC] "come on,bigger and bolder, i just love that bass"
22. Left Hand Down - Viva Dubs Pt 1 [Subwoofer] "ooh baby yeah" female piano
23. DJ EFX - San Frandisko Trax Volume One (Acid Carnival Mix) acid
24. Hardheads - New York Express
25. Jonny L - Make Me Work (Turn Me Round) (Primal Urge Mix)
26. Trigger - Pipemania (Blu Peter Mix) [TeC] bagpipes
27. Quench - Dreams
28. Marmion - Schoneberg
29. Touchdown - Let The Music Take Control (Hard Trance Mix) "youve got to keep on, ive got to keep on" female/acidy trance
30. [107:20] ? "ooh yeah" panflute/female
31. Blast feat VDC - Crazy Man (FOS In Progress)

original tape cover

Comment: had two recordings of this set, both had different starting points, this is both of the sets stuck together to give a full tracklisting. from track 25 onwards is not on the original Angels tape

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