Carl Cox @ Ark, Leeds Uni, 23-4-94
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
1. Mad Sound Disease - MoonBoom [Conscience]
2. Paz & Pooba - Hold Me Tight
3. Clock - The Rhythm (The Rooty Mix) [Media] "aint it funky now" repeated
4. Khaled - Chebba (Man City Mix Instrumental)
5. JX - Son Of A Gun (Original Mix) [Hooj 023]
6. Movin Melodies - La Luna (The Ethics ep) "to the beat of the drum, bang bang"
7. Touchdown - Let The Music Take Control (Hard Trance Mix) "come on, come on, "you got to keep on, i got to keep on, just let the music take control" female
8. T-Empo - Saturday Night, Sunday Morning (Scat-A-Day Mix) "shining on my sunday face" female scat
9. Chemical Brothers - Chemical Beats
10. Deep Creed - Can U Feel It 94 (Circle City Remix) "can you feel it" male shout / fast riff / acidy
11. MANIC feat MC Ten - Jump Into This (Club Mix) "bump and grind"
12. Club House feat Carl - Light My Fire (Km. 1972 Mix)
13. [41:00] ? "hu hu" repeated female/organ (also on Paul Gotel 94)

13. [00:00] ? "hu hu" repeated female/organ (cont)
14. Keith Mac Project - Take Me To A Higher Love (Higher Than The Sun Mix) "i feel high, i feel low" female/piano
15. Donna Giles - And Im Telling You (Im Not Going) (Pride Mix) (Briefly)
16. Deadly Sins - We Are Going On Down (Bottom Dollar Club Mix)
17. Jonny L - Make Me Work (Turn Me Around) (Primal Urge Mix) "you know how to turn me around"
18. Z100 - Gengennarugenge (Gen Gennaio Remix) [Next] male chanting/organ
19. Quench - Dreams
20. Hyperspace - Europa (Deep In Milan) [TeC] "come on, bigger and bolder, i just love that bass"
21. DJ EFX - San Frandisko Trax Volume One (Acid Carnival Mix) acidy
22. JX - Son Of A Gun (Extended Hooj Mix)
23. Blast feat VDC - Crazy Man (F.O.S. In Progress Mix)
24. Sultana -  Te Amo (Digweed Dub) (Briefly)

comment: also seen this dated 30-4-94


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