Boxed 96: Marshall, Neil Metzner, Paul Murray
Up Yer Ronson Vol 6
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
* Marshall *

1. Des'ree - Feel So High (The Def Version) "i feel so high when im touching you baby" female / sax / piano
2. Selena - I'm Getting Used To You (Dub A Dub)
3. Janet Jackson - The Pleasure Principle (D.T.'s Twilo Dub) "its the pleasure, edit" whailing female 
4. Reflexion feat Laura Alford - Never Stop "dont stop, never gonna stop" female
5. Key To Life - Find Our Way (Breakaway) (Club Path Remix)
6. Cerrone - Love In C Minor (DEF Remix) "love me, no dont stop" piano 
7. Raw Stylus - Pushing Against The Flow (Roger S Narcotic Mix) "pushing" female
8. Black Magic - Freedom (Angel Moraes Hot-N-Spicy Remix) briefly

8. Black Magic - Freedom (Angel Moraes Hot-N-Spicy Remix) cont
9. The Outhere Brothers - Don't Stop (Wiggle Wiggle) (E-Smoove House Mix)
10. Future Force - What You Want [AM PM]
11. Sherree Ford-Payne - Shoulda Coulda Woulda (Dub Mix) "back in the day now" female
12. Angie Brown - Good Enough (Fire Island Remix) "you make me feel like im good at nothing yeah" female
13. Love Tribe - Stand Up [AM PM]
14. Sarah Washington - Heaven (Jazz 'N' Groove 'Soulfuric' Dub) [AM PM] "you take me high" female / piano / crowd cheering

* Neil Metzner *
1. Boogie Buffet - Back 2 Boogie (Revival Mix) [Back To Basics] funky guitar / disco
2. Doug Willis - Down To The Disco [Z Records] "come on yall lets go"
3. Reflexion feat Laura Alford - Never Stop "dont stop, never gonna stop" female
4. Naked Music NY City - Ill Take You There Part 2 (Tee's Master Mix)
5. Sarah Washington - Heaven "you take me high, feels like heaven in your head" female
6. Urban Blues Project Presents Mother Of Pearl - Your Heaven (I Can Feel It) (U.B.P. Classic Mix) female / funky guitar / horns
7. [32:00] ??? "get you dancin" female / funky guitar

* Paul Murray *
1. [00:00] ??? "im feeling real free yeah, its alright its okay, you can do what you want anyway" male
2. Sweet Peach - Disco Fuck [99 North] "come on, give it to me disco doc" female
3. Think Tank - Hack One (Remix) [Star Recordings]
4. [14:30] ??? "hi let me tell you something, got to be free" female
5. [19:00] ??? "i dont wanna be free, its not over" female (2 copies) slows down in middle
6. Up Yer Ronson feat Mary Pearce - Are You Gonna Be There (K-Klass Kaos Mix)
7. Nu Colours - Desire (Mindspell Classic Club Experience)

original tape cover

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