Boxed 96: Marshall, Andy Ward, Neil Metzner
Up Yer Ronson Vol 4 - Ibiza Reunion
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* Marshall *

1. Black Science Orchestra - Heavy Gospel Morning "oh yeah, sing it, just sing it, shout it yo" female
2. Rosie Gaines - I Want You (Bloodworm's Weekend Club Mix) "i want you, more than a little/lot" female
3. Marcus Life - Life Will Make You Dance (Bonzai's Club Mix) "like to make you dance" female
4. Francois K - Hypnodelic "oh yeah" whailing female "dont stop" male
5. [19:50] ??? "youve never been so high, i just wanna love you, i just wanna hold/touch/feel you" female/piano
6. [22:50] ??? "everybody needs somebody, i know" female
7. [31:00] ??? "somebody" female/organ
8. Lil Mo' Yin Yang - Reach "oh daddy" female
9. Alcatraz - Give Me Luv

9. Alcatraz - Give Me Luv (cont)
10. Global Mind feat Desy Moore - In The Heat (Gino Woody Bianchi Edit Mix) "come on, ive got a lover" female
11. Pulse feat Antoinette Robinson - The Lover That You Are
12. Taylor Dayne - Say A Prayer (Boss Club Mix) "i say a little prayer for you" female/piano
13. Up Yer Ronson feat Mary Pearce - Are You Gonna Be There (Ronson Club Mix)
14. Ada Dyer - You Make Me Whole (Whole Club Mix)
15. [34:30] Donna Summer - Bad Girls (sample/remix?) Xavier Gold?
16. Incognito - Good Love (CJs 12" Mix) "your love is precious and gifted" female
17. Tak Tix - Feel Like Singing (Jazz-N-Groove Club Mix)

* Andy Ward * [40:01]
1. Celine Dion - Misled (E-Smoove's Mission 12") "we had a rhythm but i guess you never can tell, i thought i know you well" female / piano
2. [08:10] ??? "i wanna get down with you, do you wanna get down with me" female
3. Colonel Abrams - Victim Of Loving You (The Gloo Factory Mix) "im a victim" male
4. [14:50] ??? "break through the chains" female / piano
5. George Morel - Boys And Girls Get On Up And Move Around (Morels Get On Up Mix) [Morel's Grooves Pt.9]
6. Androgeny feat Michael M - I Could Be This
7. [27:00] ??? "yes this is heaven, when you hold me, do you wanna be here with me, in paradise" female / piano
8. Everything But The Girl - Missing (Todd Terry Club Mix)
9. Gusto - Discos Revenge
10. Masters Of Rhythm - La Coca (briefly)

* Neil Metzner * [39:49]
1. Montego Bay - Same Old Sound (Hustlers Convention Club Mix) "everytime round & round, dont you know its just the same old sound" female
2. Global Mind feat Desy Moore - In The Heat (Gino Woody Bianchi Edit Mix) "come on, feel the heat" female
3. [09:50] ??? "oh yeah, whenever we play" piano 
4. Jodeci - Fun 2 Nite (JM Paradise Mix) "go back and forth, everythings gonna be alright" male / piano
5. The Absolute feat Suzanne Palmer - I Believe "ill take you higher, gotta have faith to lift you up" gospel female/piano
6. [28:40] ??? "everybody needs somebody cos party, dance a little groove" female/piano
7. Evolution - Look Up To The Light "let it shine on" female / piano 

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