Boxed 96: Jon Pleased Wimmin
Recorded @ Back to Basics, Leeds
Stickin It To Ya
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
1. [00:00] ??? acidy / operatic female
2. Erecto Mundo - Bigger [Ruff Definition Records] "ooh, its getting bigger" female
3. Hustlers Convention - Get Down (Disco Roots Mix) "wooh, get down" female / gunky guitar
4. Thomas Bangalter - Ventura (Trax On Da Rocks) [Roule] sounds like Daft Punk
5. Chris De Luca, Michael Fakesch - Untitled 1 (Original Mix) male
6. Tecmania Rebel - Circus Beat (sounds like an acidy version of keep on jumpin)
7. Tronco Traxx - Walk 4 Me (Deeper Mix) "walk walk and walk, walk for me, dance for me" male
8. Basco - The Beat Is Over [Concrete] "and everything is going to the beat" male 
9. Junior Vasquez - If Madonna Calls
10. Scotti Deep - Brooklyn Beats (Pulse 2 Rhythm Version) [Accor] "got to give it up" female 
11. Texas Audio - Mystery Cafe
12. ??? techno 

12. ??? techno (cont)
13. Express Of Sound - Real Vibration (Want Love) (Dub Version)
14. 2 In A Room - Carnival (Armanda Kokonut Kila Mix) "lets go to the carnival" male
15. The Hipgrinders - Good Time (KLM Good Time Mix) [Additive] "yeah, wooh" female
16. ??? "where you taking me" repeated female
17. ??? "i dont know how to" female
18. ??? "dig your soul" female
19. ??? "baby come on you gotta work it out, youve got to work it out" repeated female
20. ??? "this is only a test, this is a test" female
21. ??? various beats
22. Underworld - Born Slippy
23. ???

original tape cover

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