Boxed 96: Jon Pleased Wimmin
Recorded @ Back to Basics, Leeds
Stickin It To Ya
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
1. [00:00] ??? acidy / operatic female
2. Erecto Mundo - Bigger [Ruff Definition] "ooh, its getting bigger" female
3. Hustlers Convention - Get Down (Disco Roots Mix) "wooh, get down" female / gunky guitar
4. Thomas Bangalter - Ventura (Trax On Da Rocks) [Roule] sounds like Daft Punk
5. [18:00] ? male
6. Tecmania Rebel - Circus Beat
7. Tronco Traxx - Walk 4 Me (Deeper Mix) "walk walk and walk, walk for me, dance for me" male
8. Basco - The Beat Is Over [Concrete] "and everything is going to the beat" male 
9. Junior Vasquez - If Madonna Calls
10. Scotti Deep - Brooklyn Beats (Pulse 2 Rhythm Version) [Accor] "got to give it up" female 
11. Texas Audio - Mystery Cafe
12. The Hipgrinders - Keep It Up (Keep Up W/Choo - Choo Mix) bleepy inst

Tape 2
12. The Hipgrinders - Keep It Up (Keep Up W/Choo - Choo Mix) bleepy inst  (cont)
13. Express Of Sound - Real Vibration (Want Love) (Dub Version)
14. 2 In A Room - Carnival (Armanda Kokonut Kila Mix) "lets go to the carnival" male
15. The Hipgrinders - Good Time (KLM Good Time Mix) [Additive] "yeah, wooh" female
16. Gorgeous Darlings - Boy U Take Me [Higher State] "come get me, where you takin me" female
17. [24:00] ??? "i need you so, you know how to love me yeah" female
18. [30:00] ??? "dig your soul, youve gotta free yourself" female
19. [36:30] ??? "baby come on you gotta work it out, youve got to work it out" repeated female
20. [41:30] ??? "this is only a test, this is a test" female
21. [45:40] ??? various beats
22. Underworld - Born Slippy

original tape cover

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