Boxed 97: Graham Gold
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
1. Rhythm Masters - Come On Y'All "come on yall" male "jump jump" female
2. Rhythm Masters - Let Me Tell You Something
3. The Sharp Boys - Sharp Tools Volume Two (B2) "let me see, come on baby thats it, woo, listen, where is the beat baby" female
4. Casanova's Revenge - The Party "yall want this party started right right right" female
5. TPA feat Supa. T - Gotta Jump "you gotta jump" female / ragga male
6. Ramp - Stomp (Play Boys Fully Loaded Dub) [Loaded]
7. DJ Sneak - Different Shapes and Sizes (Da Original Dub)
8. Natural Born Grooves - Forerunner (Higher State Remix)
9. Fluke - Atom Bomb (synth / big strings at break)
10. Tarrentella - Deep Down (Phil Jubb Remix) [Whoop!] "open your heart, im taking your love" stuttery female / piano
11. Chicane - Offshore
12. Era - Its Not My Imagination [Labello Dance] "yeah, got my imagination" female
13. DJ Quicksilver - Bellisima
14. Hole In One - Lifes Too Short
15. Mary Kiani - 100% (Tall Paul Remix) samples CLS
16. Sunglasses Ron - Feel The Beat (Original Mix) samples problem house
17. Speedy Gonzales - Tell The DJ (Don't Tell The DJ Mix) "woohoo" female / mad horn
18. Huff & Puff - Help Me Make It (mix?)
19. DPD feat Rose Windross - Sign Your Name "sign your name across my heart i want you to be my baby" female
20. Lisa Stansfield vs Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - People Hold On (Jon Is The Don Mix)

Tape 2
20. Lisa Stansfield vs Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - People Hold On (Jon Is The Don Mix) (cont)
21. Heller & Farley Project - Ultra Flava vs True Faith - Take Me Away
22. [08:00] ??? "ive been thinking about you" female
23. [08:50] ??? "its gotta be that time again, gonna be big time"
24. Mighty Dub Katz - Its Just Another Groove (Lisa Marie Experience Mix) 
25. Qkumba Zoo - The Child (Inside) (Anthony Acid's Hard Drum Mix) female
26. XS - Phantasy Tribe "fantasy yeah" female 
27. Mr. Roy - Nakka Sak [White Label] Klubbhopping vs Wildchild - Renegade Master
28. Unknown Artist - Hip Hop Renagade [HV001] rakim vocal samples 
29. Death In Vegas - Rocco (Dave Clarke Remix) "if i die" male 
30. MLO - New Generation "in the new generation the rhythm is my beat"
31. Party Cruiser - This Record Is Being Played In Clubs, Discolounges, House- Basement- Or Blockparties
32. Mr. Jack - Wiggly World (funky guitar / chuck roberts vocals)
33. Clubfoot - Foolproof [Mr Cheng's Quality Tunes] "make the bass come out so clear" male 
34. Hardfloor - Beavis At Bat [Harthouse]
35. Shadowman 2 - Chevignon [Urban Sounds Of Amsterdam] sax
36. Mory Kante - Yeke Yeke '96 (Klubheads Mega Blast)
37. Mr Spring - Voyager (Version 2.1) "the is the voice of voyager one" male / slows down in middle
38. Virus - Moon (Our House Mix) [Perfecto]
39. Liquid Art - Xplorer [Hook] inst trance
40. Artful Dodger - Tubular Bells [Atta Recordings] piano from jean michel jarre - tubular bells
41. Big Hard Hats - On E [Flex Dance] "if your on ecstacy its even hotter" male / piano
42. Sylverter - Stars (sample/remix?) "everybody is a star, you are a star"

 original tape cover

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