Boxed 95 : Jon Pleased Wimmin
Recorded @ Back to Basics, Leeds
Large Salad
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
1. Black Cock - Alarm (Free Range ep) intro
2. Doug Lazy - Rollin' On (SPS Dub Lazy Mix) "house house groove, keep going" doug lazy vocal samples / piano
3. Dave Stewart - Secret (SPS Mad Club Mix) female whisper/timpani
4. Quivver - Believe In Me (SPS Whooped Club Mix) "and I will believe in you" male
5. Candy Girls - Fee Fi Fo Fum (Sharp Dub)
6. ??? "you take me higher, body to body, tie me up with your devotion" female
7. Alcatraz - Giv Me Luv
8. Sunscreem - Exodus (Tuff Edit)
9. Upstate - I Get High (Sharp Remix) "get it up" female
10. Nu Soul feat Kelli Rich - Hide-A-Way (Lisa Marie Experience Remix)
11. Eurogroove - Its On You (Jon Of The Pleased Wimmin Club Mix) "what would you like to do to me, oh yeah" female "come on baby" male / piano

11. Eurogroove - Its On You (Jon Of The Pleased Wimmin Club Mix) (cont)
12. Eaon Elvis Pritchard - Pricks [Bellboy] "I will execute every mother f**king last one of you" pulp fiction sample
13. Donna Summer- I Feel Dub (Glenn Underground Mix)
14. Remake - Magic Fly [Loaded] sounds like something off Bladerunner
15. Tom Wilson - Techno Cat (Perplexer Remix)
16. Faithless - Insomnia
17. ??? "all I needed was time" female
18. Amen - Passion
19. E'voke - Runaway
20. Madonna - Open Your Heart (Mix?)

original tape cover

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