Boxed 95: Jon Pleased Wimmin & Jon Da Silva
Recorded @ Nice, Rockshots, Newcastle
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
* Jon Pleased Wimmin *

1. Art Of Noise - Yebo (The Trust Mix) "bom bom, yamo"
2. Kleo - Tell Me (Ralphi Rosario & Joey Batt's "Temptations" Tribal Mix) [SLV] "tell me, give it to ya baby" female/piano/horn
3. Matrix - Can U Feel It (Congan Jungle) [Vicious Muzik] "work it, can you feel it"
4. The East Village Loft Society - Manhattan Anthem "i want you, where are you, do you know where the sound factory is" piano
5. Creation - Feel It "dont you feel it" female
6. Judy Cheeks - Respect
7. Amos - Let Love Shine (Cleveland City Dub)
8. Tocayo - Live In Peace (Guitar Mix)
9. Greed - Pump Up The Volume (Freeez)

10. Hysterix - Everything "loving your affection, everything i ever lived for" female
11. Gloworm - Carry Me Home (Eric Morle Morillo Mix)
12. BBR Streetgang - Feel The Music (Hot Shot Mix) "dont want to be free, dont want to be free" female
13. The Bucketheads - The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)
14. Jennifer Lucas - Take On Higher "moving up & down & to the ground, lets go higher" (female/piano)
15. Kitsch In Sync - Another Night (Full Vocal Mix) "give it to me one more night, until the morning light" female/piano
16. Kitsch In Sync - Another Day (Hip Hop Instrumental) "go go" male / horns
17. [37:20] ??? irish music
18. Principle Skinner - Funky Ass Beat (Diversions ep) "i want, gimme one of those funky ass beats" female/piano

* Jon Da Silva *
1. Hashim - Al Naafiysh (Boot That Remix) (NWKT.DJ 84) "feel the funk"
2. Fred - Niteshade
3. Tata Box Inhibitors - Plasmids
4. Mike Dunn Presents The MD X-Spress - God Made Me Phunky
5. Sagat - Fuk Dat (Mix?)
6. Armand Van Helden - Witch Doktor
7. Paperclip People - Throw (Reprise) familiar inst
8. The Bucketheads - The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)
9. Johnny Vicious vs M.F.S.B.- T.S.O.P. (Theme From Soul Train '94) with acappella "i wanna funk, give up the funk" male / disco

9. Johnny Vicious vs M.F.S.B.- T.S.O.P. (Theme From Soul Train '94) (cont)
10. Mack Vibe - Mr. Meaner (Spike Dub) "you want my love, you need my love" female
11. Inner Tube - Pump Me Up! [Cheeky Chunes] "do do do, pump me up" female
12. Ideal - She (Dasilva On The One Remix) [Eastern Bloc] "no you cant turn your love, reboard"
13. Afro Erotica - French Kiss [Indisc] cover version of french kiss
14. Underground Sound Of Lisbon - So Get Up
15. Robotman - Do Da Doo (Exploding Plastic Mix) "got to do the do"
16. Damon Wild & Tim Taylor - Bang The Acid "bang the box" male/acidy
17. M-People - Renasissance (Im Coming Home) (Macsilva Mix) acidy

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