Jeremy Healy & Graeme Park : Boxed 95
Recorded at - Up Yer Ronson Vol.2 (Aug 95)
* Jeremy Healy *
1. Digi-Soul - Lift Me Up (Digi-Soul's Lift Mix) "they lift me up, they lift me" female (familiar)
2. Deep Dish pres Prana - The Dream (Sharam's Deep Dish Dreamscape) "dream" stuttery female (familiar)
3. Pamela Fernandez - Lets Start Over (Underground Anthem Mix)
4. Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (Rhythm Brothers Mix) [Re-mi'ks Vol 2]
5. Lost The Plot EP - You Bas*ard (808 Mix) [4 Play]
6. Pizzaman - Sex On The Streets (Pizzaman Club Mix)
7. Shades Of Rhythm - Raise The Feeling [Wandering Dragon Pt III The Return] "can you feel it" repeated female/synth
8. Pizzaman - Sex On The Streets (Play Boys Fully Loaded Dub) bleepy inst / female breathing
9. Seal - Im Alive (Sasha & BTs Atraxion Future Mix)
10. 88.3 feat Anthoney - I'll Be There (Clayden & Mac Mix) "baby you can call on me" female

10. 88.3 feat Anthoney - I'll Be There (Clayden & Mac Mix) "I will be a shoulder to cry on if you need" female (cont)
11. Quench - Dreams (Original Extended Mix)
12. Livin' Joy - Dreamer (Jupiter 12" Collision Mix)
13. Diva Rhythms - Let The Rhythm Flow
14. Justine - Be Sexy
15. Last Rhythm - Labyrinth (Time Of Meditation Mix) "find a way, just find a way" female/flute
16. DJ Fast Eddie & Kenny 'Jammin' Jason - Can U Dance (mix?)
17. Someguys ep - That Wham! Track (Cheesecake Mix) "one two to look at you" Wham vocal
18. The Pianoman - Blurred (Original Mix)
19. Wink - Higher State of Consciousness

* Graeme Park *
1. Daphne - Change (Fathers Of Sound Classic Vocal Mix)
2. Paula Abdul - My Love Is For Real (E-Smoove's Fever Mix)
3. Shades Of Love - Keep In Touch (Body To Body)
4. Masters At Work - I Cant Get No Sleep '95 (Morales Late Nite Mix)
5. Jamiroquai - Space Cowboy (David Morales Classic Club Mix)
6. Lisa Moorish - Beautiful Morning (Loveland Vocal Mix)
7. Mone - We Can Make It (Jazz N' Groove Mix) "theres no turning back now"
8. Fibre Foundation - Weekend [Z Records]
9. Erire - Shine (Parkside Club Mix)

9. Erire - Shine (Parkside Club Mix) (cont)
10. Ann-Marie Smith - Your My One & Only (True Love)
11. Tak Tix - Feel Like Singing
12. Joe T Vanelli Project - Sweetest Day of May (Greeds Euphorik Club Mix)
13. Robbie Craig - Special (David Morales Mix) "your so special, weve got a special love, i know im rushing just an ultimate high"
14. Andrea Mendez - Bring Me Love (Frankie Knuckles Bomb Mix) "bum ba dum" female scat
15. First Choice - Let No Man Put Asunder (Love To Infinity Yellow Cab Mix)
16. Michelle Gayle - Freedom (Classic Expo Mix)
17. Kim English - I Know A Place (E-Smoove Remix)

original tape cover

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