Boxed 95: Danny Rampling & Jon Pleased Wimmin
Recorded @ Back to Basics, Leeds
Two Steps Further Than Any Other F**ker
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
* Danny Rampling *
1. G.O.D. - Inside Your Mind "oh, yeah" female (briefly)
2. Sara Parker - My Love Is Deep (Armand's Dub Of Doom) "i need your love" female
3. [04:40] ??? "on & on and on & on" female/funky guitar/piano
4. The Shaker - Mooncat (Delirious DJ Remix) [Ugly Bug] "im just a girl in love" female/piano/acidy
5. The Shaker - Mooncat (Beryl's Whiskied Up Mix) "in your face.., put your mind at ease" female/piano
6. Yum Yum - 3 Minute Warning (Scope Mix)
7. [19:40] ??? acidy inst
8. Richard Brown - Flange-O-Matic
9. Magenta - Boost!
10. DJ Misjah & DJ Tim - Access (Original)
11 Perfecto Allstarz - Reach Up (Pig Bag)
12. HASHA - Everybody In The World [White Label] [TABXXDJ 228] "wants the same damn thing" female/horns/piano (Janis Joplin vocals)

12. HASHA - Everybody In The World [White Label] [TABXXDJ 228] (cont)
13. The Human League - These Are The Days (Man With No Name Remix)
14. Traci Lords - Control "control it, come with me to the other side, control your soul" female
15. New Order - True Faith '95
16. Firefly - Supernatural (DJ Wink's Rhythmatic Acid Journey) "and ride, trip trip" female/acidy
17. Doof - Lets Turn On (drops in vangelis - rachels song) acidy
18. Finitribe - Love Above (Sourmash Razor-Edged Club NRG Mix)
19. The Infinity Project - Stimuli "the electrons do it to the neutrons" male
20. Mory Kante - Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor Remix)
21. Mediterraneo feat Franchino - A Night In Tirrenia [Holy Moly] spanish male

* Jon Pleased Wimmin * Early 95
1. Baby Bumps - Funky Sugar (briefly)
2. [00:30] ??? "just keep on moving, higher" female/piano
3. The Self Preservation Society - The Whoop
4. [12:30] ??? "child, i got the feeling, wont you feel it" female
5. Johan S - In T House "get down" female (samples CLS)
6. Total Control feat Caroldene Black - You Took My Lovin (Pure Energy Mix)
7. The Lostboys - You Gotta Keep On "you got to keep on, i got to keep on, dance" female
8. Itchy & Scratchy - I Want You "i want you to love me" male/piano
9. Soapy - Horny as Funk "let me hear you say ho, oh yeah" male/horns/funky guitar
10. Grace - Not Over Yet (Dancing Divaz Club Mix)

10. Grace - Not Over Yet (Dancing Divaz Club Mix) cont
11. Elate - Somebody Like You (Development Corporation Remix) "i didnt think i needed somebody like you" male
12. Tinman - Gudvibe "pick up the good vibrations" male / piano / calipso
13. S.A.I.N. Part Two - Its Alright (Goodfellows Remix)
14. Blondie - Sunday Girl (Hardly Handbag Mix)
15. Rollo Goes Mystic - Love Love Love (Here I Come) "i do you, you do me" female
16. One Tribe feat Roger - High As A Kite (Happy Blaster Mix) "i need to get high"
17. New Order - Blue Monday (Hardfloor Remix)

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