Bangkok @ Coventry 96 - Dave Seaman & Tall Paul
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown tracks
Dave Seaman (59min)
00:00 ? Stress? stuttery vocal/sweeping strings
09:00 ? "this is Roger S" male Sanchez?
14:30 ? "you know how to love me"
18:00 Alcatraz - Giv Me Luv (Deep Dish 11th Hour Remix) female
23:20 Pleasant Chemistry - Pasa? (Original Beats) [Legato] "keep on jumpin" female / samples Frank De Wulf - The Tape
27:50 Todd Terry - Keep On Jumpin' (Rhythm Masters Thumpin' Mix)
31:50 Lemon 8 - The Bells Of Revolution
37:00 Casino - Get Funky "mamma say"
42:00 Candy Girls - Wham Bam (Sharp White Limo Remix)
45:00 Ultra High - Are You Ready For Love (Stormy Weather Mix) [MCA] "feel the pleasure in your soul let it rain feel the pleasure running thru your vain"
50:00 Urban Cookie Collective - Spend The Day (Development Corporation Dub) "i can only pray"
54:00 Yosh - The Screamer "wow, let me hear you say" female

Tall Paul (59min)
00:00 Mr Jack - Only House Muzik
04:00 Black Box - A Positive Vibration (mix?)
10:00 Magic Alec - Resonance (Original Mix) acid
12:00 Stix 'N' Stoned - Outrageous
17:40 Pizzaman - Trippin On Sunshine
22:20 Thomas Bangalter - Ventura (Trax On Da Rocks) [Roule] sounds like Daft Punk
26:30 6 By Six - Into Your Heart (Tall Paul Remix) "let it come into ya baby" female (Rozzo)
32:30 Gypsy Queens - Paradise (Tall Paul Remix)
39:00 Bass Symphony - Deep Side (Funky Garden Remix) "come on, inside" female
43:00 Klubbheads - Klubbhopping
46:20 Puff Dogs - Huff-n-Puff (KLM Gossip Mix) "work, work, hump & bump" female
53:50 Greenfield - No Silence
57:20 L.A. Tico's - Welcome To The Club [Strictly Underground] "welcome to the club" male "im gonna do it" female

original tape cover 

comment: the Tall Paul tape was also released as a Bangkok single tape with same pic on the cover.

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