DJ Peer, Patrick Smooth, Mike C - Obsession (The Art Of Intelligence) '93
Peer - Society Mix
1. Together - Hardcore Uproar (briefly)
2. Lee Marrow - Dan Dan Dan
3. Xen Mantra - Got What It Takes "clap your hands everybody"
4. The Doobie Brothers - Long Train Runnin (Sure Is Pure 12" Mix)
5. Leftfield - Open Up (Dervish Overture)
6. The Age Of Love - Age Of Love (OPM mix)
7. Itchy & Scratchy - U Got Me.. (Scuba Mix) [Spot On] "you got me running after you"
8. Vision Masters feat Kylie Minogue - Keep On Pumpin It
9. Uno Clio - Pleasure "walking on sunshine"
10. Soulution - Feels So Right [E Legal] female/piano/sax
11. Bottom Dollar - Rock Your Body (Scat Dub)
12. Xen Mantra - Hollow Vibe (House-U-Like Mix) [Xen Mantra ep]
13. Gradiva - To The Funky Beat "wooh, get down to the funky beat, ill try to make it as brief as possible"
14. Reel 2 Real feat The Mad Stuntman - I Like To Move It
15. Direct 2 Disc - Morning (The Back Stab ep) [Cleveland City]

Patrick Smoove - The Art Of Innovation, late 93
1. The Daou - Give Myself To You (Give My Dub To You) "take it away, gonna give myself to you" female
2. Nu Colours - Power (E-Smoove Remix) "gimme the beat so I can feel it, the power, deep down within me" female
3. DJ Disciple - I Know (Street Experience ep Vol #1) "i know your gonna want me" repeated female
4. Uno Clio - Love Is The Answer "lets get together, we got to live together" female/piano
5. DJ Duke - Blow Your Whistle (Original Mix)
6. Mariah Carey - Dreamlover (Def Club Mix)
7. Darryl James & David Anthony - Its Getting Bigger [Freeze] organ inst
8. Hardrive - No Cure [Strictly Rhythm]
9. D:Ream - Things Can Only Get Better (Cleveland City Style) sax
10. X-Press 2 - Say What

10. X-Press 2 - Say What (cont)
11. Sil - Villa Ducato [Work] "i know your gonna want me" female/strange percussive inst
12. The Millionaire Hippies - I Am The Music, Hear Me! (Fire Island Mix)
13. K Klass - Let Me Show You (Klub Mix)
14. Gloria Estefan - Tradicion (Musto Traditional Mix)
15. Joe T Vannelli feat Csilla - With The Voice (Original JTV Dubby Mix) [Nervous]
16. Seven Grand Housing Authority - I Wanna Go Higher (The Spiritual Mix)
17. INXS - Please (You Got That...) (Club Need Mix) "please, got that need, ooh, ahh" male
18. Way Out West - Shoot

Mike C - World Systems Mix (57min) Cornwall Collesium 20-11-93
1. The Doobie Brothers - Long Train Runnin (Sure Is Pure Mix)
2. Spank Spank - Freak It (Rhythm Dub) [Guerilla]
3. Postfix - Rototom (Original Mix) papa's got a brand new pigbag
4. FKW - Seize The Day (Drumbeat Tip)
5. Probe - Hulabaloo (Edible Tracks Vol.1) [Limbo]
6. Ubiquity - Bolivian Angel [Eastern Bloc] (male whistle) familiar
7. Village People - Y.M.C.A. '93
8. LuvDup - Goodtime (LuvDup Mix) [UFG]
9. LuvDup - Goodtime (Wigan Express Mix) [UFG]
10. Dance 2 Trance - We Came In Peace ('93 Mix)
11. Messiah - Thunderdome (Spicelab Remix) friends of matthew vocals
12. House Pimps - Get The Hook (TNI Remix) "and the jam is pumpin look here the crowd is jumpin" stuttery female (vocal sample from technotronic)
13. Back II Front - Viewfinder (I Want You All Night)
14. Beltram - Energy Flash [R&S]
15. Babroo - Trak-A-Laka [Limbo]
16. Infretta - Something About The Music
17. K Klass - Let Me Show You
18. Sultana - Te Amo (briefly)

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