Rob Tissera & Luvdup @ Ark, Leeds Uni, 6-5-95
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
Rob Tissera
1. Martin Luther King speech
2. Flipped Out - Everybody Is Somebody
3. 88.3 feat Anthoney - I'll Be There
4. Motiv8 - Break The Chain (Paul Gotel Adventure) "dont want your love/dont need your love" female
5. Atlantic Ocean - Lorelei
6. B B Club - Play This House "lets all play this house" female
7. Diva Rhythms - Let The Rhythm Flow "listen to the rhythm flow" skinny boys vocal
8. Bump 'N' Grind - Karamba (Rob Tissera Remix) (Megadrive ep) "rock the house" calipso
9. Todd Terry Project - Weekend (Dancing Divaz Club Mix) "i cant take the heartbreak" acid
10. [33:40] ? "let the dj mix it, dance to the music mr dj, play your music" male
11. Mothers Pride - Floribunda (Big C Remix)
12. God Within - The Phoenix

1. [00:00] ? "dont you feel my love for you" repeated male/broken beats DJ Icey?
2. Cisky - The Party (Kingsize Bellride Club Mix) miami beat/siren
3. Zero The Hero - Come With Me (Euphoric Riff Mix) "party now come with me" female
4. Last Exit - Music Takes Me High (female / piano)
5. Black Bulldog - (Choirboys)...Cant You See (2 Kinky Remix) [Slate] "cant you see i need you here to keep my love alive" female/piano
6. Soapy - Horny as Funk "let me hear you say ho, oh yeah" male/horns/funky guitar
7. Blue Room - I Feel High (Four For More Money) "i feel high high high, i feel low" female
8. Amos - Let Love Shine (Cleveland City Ruff Mix)
9. Itty Bitty Boozy Woozy - Tempo Fiesta "party time, get up" male
10. Antic - The Ultimate
11. Artemisia - Bits & Pieces (Original Mix)
12. The Cotton Club - Just Play The Music (The Rock EP) (briefly)

comment: side B is similar to Boxed 95 : Luvdup (& Dave Seaman) @ Love To Be, Sheffield


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