DJ Peer @ Ark + Fantazia 28th Aug 95 (2 x Tapes)
Tape 1
1. Love Tools - You Gotta Be Movin
2. Mozaic - Sing It (The Hallelujah Song) (Dirty Dub) [Perfecto]
3. Anna Din - Angel (Dub) [Big Fish Music] "so good"
4. New Dance Republic - Take It To The Top (sounds like djum djum)
5. Sourmash - Pilgrimage To Paradise (Hardfloor Remix)
6. Mr V - Give Me Life (Mix II) [Cheeky]
7. Soapy - Horny as Funk "let me hear you say ho, oh yeah" male/horns/funky guitar
8. B B Club - Play This House (Aquarius Teased And Pleased) "lets all play this house" female
9. Carlos Bendekos & Chinco Franco - Dropping Science [Nachos] "gimme another tune and ill rock to the beat"
10. RM Project - Rock To The Beat (Red Cat Remix)
11. Chunky Cheese Vol.1 - Stilton [100% Cheese] "energy" male/samples salsa house
12. Bizarre Inc - Playing With Knives (Quadrant Mix)
13. Awesome 3 - Hard Up "come on i thought it was a party in here" piano

Tape 2
13. Awesome 3 - Hard Up (cont)
14. Rhythm On The Loose - Break Of Dawn (Original Mix)
15. Datura - Eternity (Datura's Leaf)
16. BT feat Vincent Covello - Loving You More (Garden Of Ima Dub) "feel feel"
17. Young Braves - Reach
18. Taiko - Echo Drop
19. Chunky Cheese Vol.1 - Fromage [100% Cheese] "can I have the rhythm, cos I can do it right, come with me" someday piano
20. Blu Room - Spread Love (HHFD Remix) "im here to spread love all over the world, come on" landlord piano
21. Chris & James - Shakermaker [Stress] "make the building shake" male/piano
22. Decadent Saints - Love Contender (Atmosphere Dub) inst
23. D>Lux - Got To Have (Project 1 ep) [Urban Hero] "gotta have house music, bum ba ding a ding, can you feel the beat" rave piano stabs
24. A Trifle Too Far - Catch Your Ear [Strategy] "do not resist the beat" female

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