Rob Tissera + MC Motormouth @ Ark, Leeds Poly, 12-6-92
1. We Kill Love - 10 Men Dead (inst with fast percussion) Fabi Paras
2. Diceman - The Tempest "we can push the tempest by" male
3. Family Foundation - Express Yourself
4. Razor Boy & Mirror Man - Beyond Control [Rabbit City #1]
5. Venom - Total Recall [Creative Rhythm] "go" hoover like mentasm
6. X Ray Experiments 2 - Take No Chance
7. D'Cruze - Life [Suburban Base] "hold your hands to heaven" female/piano "gonna blow your braincell" male
8. RAF - We Gonna Get "woow were gonna get this place, house nation"
9. Eq-Lazer - The Heart Break [Groove Kissing] "i cant take the heartbreak, no no no" female/organ
10. Cosmo & Dibs - Sonic Rush [Moving Shadow] 
11. Mix Factory - Burnin Like Fire (No Beats In Sight)
12. MANIC - Im Comin Hardcore (Remix)

13. Urban Hype - The Trumpton Remix (I Feel The Heat)
14. Rhythm Quest - Closer To All Your Dreams (Hibrid Remix)
15. 2 Bad Mice - Bombscare
16. Dance Conspiracy - Dub War [Metamophosis] public enemy sax
17. DJs Unite - DJs Unite [XL]
18. Rhythm Section - Perfect Love (2am mix) "thats what i really really want"
19. X-Static - Ready 2 Go [Production House] "give the drummer some, drop it"
20. Blame - Music Takes You (2 Bad Mice Remix)
21. Direckt - I Got Ya (Feeling) "tee's in effect and ive got the feeling" strings of life piano
22. DJ Edge #1 - Compnded
23. Frankie Bones - Everybody's Looking For A Meaning [Fabulous] lisa stansfield vocal
24. Justice & Mercy - Soothe My Soul [Whitehouse] samples collapse 
25. MANIX - Try To Love Me [Reinforced - Rivet 1221]
26. Urban Shakedown - Some Justice
27. Analysis - Euphoria (Temple Edit)

comment: I have 2 Rob Tissera sets for this date, both sets are very similar sets but one has an MC & the other doesnt. The set with the MC is defo from Ark as you hear him saying it. The sets are more likely to be a week apart but im unsure which one is the correct date.

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