Angel @ Swoon, Stafford, Vol 2 (March(ish) 95) 61min
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
1. Pamela Fernandez - Lets Start Over
2. Chronic Chapter - Keep On Pushing Harder [Empire State]
3. Jestofunk feat Ce Ce Rogers - Can We Live (Fire Island Vocal Mix)
4. Circuit - Shelter Me (The Dancing Divaz Remix)
5. [25:00] ??? "what is house music" male (also on Angel @ Ripe pack 3)
6. Ce Ce Rogers - Come Together "someday today weve got find a way" male
7. U.M.I - House Is A Feeling (repeated female/funky guitar)
8. Disscode - I Need A Man [Wizz] "I need a man who can love me" female/piano
9. Kim English - Time For Love (Mollison/Malone Club Mix)
10. Solitaire Gee - Slumberland (DJ Saabs Wah Wah Mix)

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