DJ Andy D & Matt Bell + MC @ Zone, Blackpool Aug 93
* Andy D *
1. Arkanoid - Get A Super! (Electric Choc Remix)
2. 49ers - Everything "everything you do and say, I wont let you get away" female
3. Sharada House Gang - Let The Rhythm Move You
4. DJ H feat Stefy - You (Don't You Stop) "ohh" female
5. Secchi - Easy To Love "oh yes I know, were easy to love" female
6. Hi Liner - Loving You "loving you was my mistake" female
7. Selector - Move Your Body "dance with me now, join the party line" has male rap
8. NY Energy - Yes I Am ... "respect"
9. DJ Pierre - Feel The Hit "do what you do, dance dance on the floor"
10. Bass Bumpers - Move It To The Rhythm "you got to move it with me" female/sax
11. CLS - Can You Feel It (L&V Remix) [UMM]
12. Void - No Stoppin
13. Quasimodo - Let It Out "get it out for love" male
14. Infinity - Dirty Love (GNR)
15. Techno Age - Movin On

1. Jagga - Na Na Na "na na na nah" female/acidy
2. Taboo - Good Life
3. Lee Marrow feat Lipstick - Dont You Want Me "play me raw"
4. XL Rhythm - Brothers and Sisters "just let the music motivate your mind"
5. ASHA - JJ Tribute
6. Positivity - Let Me Take You Higher [Hall Of Fame] "let me take you higher" female
7. Z100 - Zesta Dont Stop
8. Jinny - Never Give Up
9. S Moore - I Am "you can be somebody like I am" female
10. Rhythm Eclipse - Feel It In The Air "passion, devotion"
11. DJ Professor - Runner [Underground]
12. DOP - Here I Go (Dance Your Socks Off ep)
13. Push Button Technology Limited - Just 4 U (Remix) "everybody reach to the top" piano
14. Hi-Liner - Loving You
15. MCP feat Sheila Abul - Over Me "all over me, fall down on me"
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