Allister Whitehead @ Golden Vol 1, The Academy (1993)
Hanley, Stoke On Trent
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
1. Joey Negro - What Happened To The Music "bring back the music, what happened to the music" male
2. Masters At Work - Rhythm In The Street "stop the rhythm in the street, cos you can stand the test" female
3. Sax Machine - Sax it Up! "come on" male
4. Rhythm Inc - Benga [Sweat] funky guitar/disco strings
5. Mount Rushmore - I Got The Music In Me
6. Brothers Love Dubs - Mings Incredible Disco Machine (Bigger & Badder Ming Mix)
7. All Boxed In - ... Happen (Tolleys Stressed Mix) [Stress] "gonna give it up"
8. D-Tek - Drop The Rock (Sound Structure Remix) "put your hands together" female "come on come on" male
9. Eric Perez Project - Release "i need release, release me" female
10. Beat System - To A Brighter Day (O' Happy Day) (Mix?)
11. Futago - Wanna Be Your Lover [Mushroom] "i need your love yeah" female/piano
12. Mariah Carey - Dream Lover (Def Club Mix) (v briefly)

12. Mariah Carey - Dream Lover (Def Club Mix) (cont)
13. Juliet Roberts - Caught In The Middle (Association Mix)
14. Spank Da Monkey - Shake It Up "ooh gosh the music just turns me on" female/dog bark
15. Smooth Touch - House Of Love [Strictly Rhythm]
16. X-Press 2 - London X-Press [JBO]
17. Seven Grand Housing Authority - The Question
18. Maria Christensen - Just A Little Bit Of Love (Gonna Turn It Around)
19. Aftershock - Slave To The Vibe
20. Take That - Relight My Fire (Mix?)
21. [42:00] ??? "get up get up" female /organ
22. [44:40] ??? keys (briefly)

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