Tony De Vit & Danny Slade - Obsessed~Fever '95
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Tony De Vit

1. The Self Preservation Society - The Whoop
2. Chaka Boom Bang - Tossing & Turning (Original Club Mix)
3. Tin Tin Out feat Espiritu - Always Something There to Remind Me
4. Winx - Dont Laugh (TDV Mix)
5. Hi-Lux - Feel It
6. Artemesia - Bits And Pieces (TDV Mix)
7. Artemesia - Bits And Pieces (Tin Tin Out Mix)
8. The Numerical Value - Karzy Noise

Danny Slade
1. Eleanore Mills - Mr Right (mix?)
2. The Undergraduates - Hipswinger (Lenny Fontana Remix)
3. Soapy - Horny As Funk
4. The Two Amigos - Set You Free (Re-Cycled Part One) "its gonna set you free" piano from Prodigy - Your Love
5. Chrome - Bumper [Consolidated] samples Direckt
6. Tocayo - Live In Peace (Guitar Mix) [Limbo] "hope, love, feel the hope, feel the love"
7. Pizzaman - Sex On The Streets
8. The Shaker - Strong To Survive [Ugly Bug]
9. Blue Room - I Feel High (HHFD Remix) "i feel high high high, i feel low" female
10. [38:00] ? "underground, just cant hold it down" repeated male
11. Endive feat Georgia Lewis - The Feeling [Distinct'ive] "ee ah tah"

original tape cover

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