Lakota @ Bristol (Revolution) late 94 - Tony De Vit
1. Ronni Simon - Take You There (Playboys Fully Loaded Dub) "gonna be alright" male
2. D'Enrico - Everybody Party [Ouch!] "drum beats go like this"
3. Li Kwan - I Need A Man (Seka Mix)
4. 20 Fingers feat Gillette - Short Dick Man (acappella)
5. The Shaker - Just Lick It (Hand & Spear Sublime Mix) [Ugly Bug] "come on, do it for you, like you want me to" male
6. 99th Floor Elevators - Hooked [Triumph] "you got me hooked up on your love"
7. Time Of The Mumph - Control
8. Tony De Vit - Burning Up
9. Mr Roy - Something About U (Mr. Roy's Red Label Mix) piano
10. JX - You Belong To Me (JX / Red Jerry Remix)
11. The Cotton Club - Outrage (Club Grooves ep) [Fantastic] take me sucker, ultimate
12. X-Presidents - Gotta Move [Urban Hero] "youve got to move cos this beats pumpin" female / sax
13. Ontoni - Badd Minded (Still At The Box Mix) samples bizarre inc raise me
14. Itchy + Scratchy - Come On (Insane Mix) (Itchin + Bitchin ep) [Spot On]
15. Triple Pack - Join Hands [Urban Hero] "join hands each and every nation" female/piano
16. East 17 - Steam (P+C Mix)
17. East 17 - Around The World (P & C Mix) sounds like In-Vader
18. Chapter 9 - Feel Free [Ouch!] "lets do it yall, feel free"

original tape cover

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