Kelvin Andrews @ Hot To Trot, early 94
1. Jestofunk - Say It Again
2. S.L.Y. - I Need A Freak "i dont need no cure, dont call the doctor" male similar riff to blackbox positive vibration
3. Drum Warriors - What It Is (Give It Up) (Roc & Kato Is What It Is Mix) "give it up, what it is" male/sax
4. Sure Is Pure - Discos Dare (Out To Lunch ep)
5. Zero The Hero - Direct To You [Ugly Bug] "the mothership has landed, direct to you from chocolate city" male
6. Screen II - Hey Mr DJ (Dasilva/MaCready Mix) [Cleveland City]
7. Warp 69 - Natural High [Fresh Fruit] inst
8. Klatsch! - God Save The Queer [Fresh Fruit] -split-
9. Tony Di Bart - The Real Thing
10. Mary J. Blige - Reminisce (Sure Is Pure Dub Two) [MCA]
11. Kamasutra - Running Away (Yellow Sky Version) inst
12. Blast feat VDC - Crazy Man (F.O.S. In Progress)
13. Johnny Vicious - The Swing (Frozen Bass Vol 1) "wind to the music"
14. You - Blow (Ocean Mix) "just do your thing, heading for destruction, cos if you aint part of a solution you have a problem"
15. Prince - When Doves Cry
16. Tinman - 18 Strings

comment: 29th Jan 94 or 26th March 94

original tape cover

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