Justin Robertson @ Sir Henrys, Cork 17-3-1993
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
1. Virtualmismo - Mismoplastico (Remix)
2. Reel 2 Real feat The Mad Stuntman - Go On Move (Gipsy DMC Remix) [DMC 3/93]
3. The Stickmen - Summer Of 87 "your body move, come on lets work" male
4. Rhythim Is Rhythim - The Dance
5. Soul Odyssey - Rapture (Original Mix) "eeh yeah"
6. House Pimps - Zulu Nation (Original) [NOW Records] "africa from the zulu nation"
7. Black Machine - Jazz Machine
8. Hustlers Convention - Uptown (The Bastard Offspring Mix) "people gettin loose, dancing to the beat" female
9. [24:00] ? organ/whailing female
10. Direckt - Two Fatt Guitars (Babetastic Mix) "do it man"
11. D-Rail feat Randy B - Bring It On Down
12. Seduction - (Youre My One And Only) True Love (C&C New York House Mix 2)
13. Sextant - Its Gonna Be Alright (acidy/piano from Nikita Warren - I Need You)
14. The Grid - Crystal Clear

1. Mato Grosso - Jungle (Remix) "check out the rhyme"
2. Testa - Dont Stop
"keep it warm" repeated
3. CLS - Can You Feel It
4. Club Ultimate - Carnival 93 [Strictly Rhythm] "everybody get up" male/sax
5. Bad Jazz - Tropical T'M (Stereo Move Mix) "come on" male/cowbell/whistle
6. Miss Jones - The Traxx (Martini Traxx Mix) "change the track"
7. Sunscreem - Walk On (D-Cubed)
8. Frontier Man - Express-It Thru The Dance "let my body jack, time to move your stuff" male
9. New Atlantic - Take Off Some Time (Love Decade's Cry Baby Mix) "take off some time for me" female/electric guitar/samples hablando "gimme a funky ass bassline"
10. Helicopter - On Ya Way
11. Outdance - Pump The Jumpin [Calypso Records] "the funky pounder" male / sax
12. Mind Abuse - Live At Love Parade (The Piano) digeridoo/piano
13. Tambourines - Hello Daddy

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