Jon Pleased Wimmin @ Wobble, Birmingham, early 1995
1. Art Of Noise - Yebo (The Trust Mix) "bom bom bom, go" french male
2. Matrix - Can U Feel It (Congan Jungle) [Vicious Muzik] "work it, can you feel it"
3. The East Village Loft Society - Manhattan Anthem "i want you, where are you, do you know where the sound factory is" piano
4. Creation - Feel It "dont you feel it" female
5. Kleo - Tell Me (Ralphi Rosario & Joey Batt's "Temptations" Tribal Mix) [SLV] "tell me, tell me, give it to ya baby" female/piano/horn
6. Judy Cheeks - Respect
7. Shades Of Love - Keep In Touch (Body To Body) "all over my body"
8. Amos - Let Love Shine (Cleveland City Dub)
9. Tocayo - Live In Peace (Guitar Mix) [Limbo] "hope, love, feel the hope, feel the love"

9. Tocayo - Live In Peace (Guitar Mix) [Limbo] (cont)
10. Greed - Pump Up The Volume
11. Hysterix - Everything (mix?) "everything that i live for" repeated female
12. Gloworm - Carry Me Home (Eric Morle Morillo Mix)
13. BBR Streetgang - Feel The Music (Hot Shot Mix) "dont want to be free, dont want to be free" female
14. U.M.I - House Is A Feeling (repeated female/funky guitar)
15. Kitsch In Sync - Another Night "give it to me one more night, until the morning light" female/piano
16. Principle Skinner - Funky Ass Beat (Diversions ep) slows down in the middle "i want, funky ass beat" piano
17. Escrima - Train Of Thought (samples king bee)
18. Tin Tin Out feat Espiritu - Always Something There To Remind Me

comment - similar to - DJ Sasha & Jon Pleased Wimmin - Liquid Grooves 95 (2xTape)

and Boxed 95: Jon Pleased Wimmin & Jon Da Silva

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