Jon Pleased Wimmin @ Swoon, Stafford 95
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1. Shiva - Work It Out (F.O.S. Untouchable Vocal)
2. Cabana - Bailando Con Lobos (BT Remix)
3. 20 Fingers feat Roula - Lick It (Kamasutra Remix) "baby work it, coming again" repeated female
4. Ce Ce Peniston - Keep Giving Me Your Love (Boss Mix)
5. Quakerman - Schlam Me (U Star Mix) [Work] inst
6. Seal - Im Alive (Sasha & BT's Atraxion Future Mix)
7. B B Club - Play This House
8. Diva - The Sun Always Shines On TV (Perfecto Mix)
9. Self Preservation Society - The Whoop (Dr. Slinky McVelvet's Anadin Prescription)
10. [52:00] ? "wooh" female/acidy
11. Mozaic - Sing It (The Hallelujah Song) (Quivvers Dirty Dub)

Tape 2
11. Mozaic - Sing It (The Hallelujah Song) (Quivvers Dirty Dub) (cont)
12. Diva Rhythms - Let The Rhythm Flow "listen to the rhythm flow" skinny boys vocal
13. Urban Cookie Collective - Spend The Day (Development Corporation Dub) "i can only pray"
14. Oui 3 - The Joy Of Living (Little Ba Bas Mix) [MCA]
15. Livin Joy - Dreamer (Jupiter 12" Collision Mix)
16. Zero The Hero - Come With Me (Euphoric Riff Mix)
17. Perv - Losin My O [Air Dog] "im losing my o"acidy / vocals from fargetta - music is movin
18. Soapy - Horny as Funk "let me hear you say ho, oh yeah" male/horns/funky guitar
19. Grace - Not Over Yet (one of the dancing divaz mixes)
20. Blondie - Sunday Girl (Hardly Handbag Mix) "baby"
21. Rollo Goes Mystic - Love Love Love (Here I Come) "i do you, you do me" female
22. Faithless - Salva Mea (Epic Mix)

comment: similar to Boxed 95: Danny Rampling & Jon Pleased Wimmin

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