Cream @ Liverpool (CD 004), Oct(ish) 94 - Jon Pleased Wimmin
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1. [00:00] ? inst
2. Scott Bradley - Zoom (Xen Mantra Tribal Dub) "yeah baby, the whole world went zoom"
3. E.V.E - Groove Of Love (Bottom Dollar Dub)
4. Chugger (Chuggles Revenge) - Thank You "youve given me power, give me power, in the spirit, together with power" repeated female
5. Deep Dish presents Quench - High Frequency (Danny Tenaglia Ballroom Mix) "breath, deep"
6. Those Two Girls - Wanna Make You Go...Uuh! (Tees King Mix) "go, go, take it easy" repeated female
7. Raw Tunes Vol 3 - Get Wid You [Yum Yum Yummy] "all I wanna do is to get with you, im not looking for a relationship"
8. 2 In A Room - El Trago (The Drink) (Bottom Dollar Club Mix)
9. Billie Ray Martin - You Loving Arms (Tribal Beats)
10. Billie Ray Martin - You Loving Arms (Diss-Cuss Bitchin Dub) "dont stop"
11. Home Alone - Gimme Your Love (House Mix) [Loaded]
12. Hustlers Convention - Uptown (Broadway's Most Wanted Remix)
13. Greed - Pump Up The Volume (Dub Up The Volume)
14. Greed - Pump Up The Volume (DMC Remix)
15. Twangling - Twangling (Three Fingers In A Box) (Pukka Mix)
16. Sub Bug - Got To Get It On [Fantastic] "youve got the love" female

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