Jon Pleased Wimmin @ Angels, Burnley, July(ish) 95
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown track
1. Sadoman - Trip [Aspro] "trip, trip, send your mind on a trip" female/bassy
2. Saint Riffard - Lose Your Love (Hard Club Mix) [UMM]
3. [09:00] ? bleepy
4. Cappella - Move On Baby (Armand Van Helden Mix)
5. Angels Moraes - Heaven Knows "deep deep down"
6. Native Pride - Illucid Groove [Shindig] acidy/piano
7. Liberty City - Thats What I Got (Oscar G's "U Got" Dub) [Tribal] "you got to" female (Rozzo)
8. Hat Trixx - Ole Ole [Sound Of Ministry]
9. Disco Citizens - Right Here Right Now (C.J. Scott Mix) [Deconstruction] "give it up" male
10. Happy Clappers - Hold On (12" Master Mix) "you got to hold on, keep on believing, ive waited so long"
11. Sunscreem - When (K-Klassix Mix) [Sony Soho Square] "rain is falling"
12. Funkysensuals - BG Tips "you should be dancing yeah" Bee Gees vocal sample
13. B B Club - Play This House "lets all play this house" female
14. Up & Down - Up & Down [7MPS]
15. Grace - I Want To Live (Rollo & Sister Bliss Big Mix) [Perfecto]

comment: similar to rhumba 14th July 95

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