Jeremy Healy & MC Kinky @ Sexed Christmas Ball, 19th Dec 92
The Leeds Corn Exchange
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
1. Joey Negro - Love Fantasy (Enter Your Fantasy ep)
2. Kraze - Voodoo Sun "ride the spirit"
3. Lorena Jaycee - Time No Time (Dom Dom Mix) "dum dum dum dum" male voice
4. Original Rockers - Push Push [The Cake Label]
5. [14:00] ? dub
6. D-Influence - Good Lover (Nelle's House Mix Version) "lover, stay with him forever" female
7. [19:40] ? "your love is so good, feel the magic, reach out to love, touch it"
8. Co Co Steel & Lovebomb - Feel It
9. Blake Baxter - One More Time (Red Planet Remix)
10. Spacemaster - I Need You (US Underground Mix)
11. Unity - Unity (Bassheads In The Area Remix)
12. Lemon Interupt - Big Mouth [Junior Boys Own] mouthorgan
13. Inner City - Pennies From Heaven (Kevin's Tunnel Mix)
14. [41:30] ? "you make me feel" repeated female
15. Frankie Knuckes - Workout (Dub)
16. Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (Sign Of The Time Mix)
17. Vibe Alive - Rock it [Fruittree] "baby i can rock it all night"
18. Kym Sims - A Little Bit More (Rhythm Supply Mix)
19. Michel Jackson - Wanna Be Startin Somethin


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