Jeremy Healy @ Progress, Derby, late 93
1. X-Press 2 - London X-Press
2. Electric Choc - Shock The Beat
Jeremy Healy
3. Datura - West Line [Trance Records] ambient intro track
4. Monumental - Mandala (Safe Sax Mix) "i love you"
5. The Funky Bunch - The Message [Progress Records] "the message im sending" piano/female (samples tour de france)
6. Wildchild - Jump To My Beat
7. Lena Fiagbe - Gotta Get It Right (The PG Tips Anthem) female/piano
8. X-Press 2 - Say What [Junior Boys Own]
9. Cappella - U Got 2 Let The Music (Pagany Tribalism Mix)
10. FKW - Never Gonna (Give You Up) "never ever gonna be" male / goodmen beat
11. The Doobie Brothers - Long Train Runnin (93 Remix)
12. Cafe Latino - Esta Es La Musica "la muzika"
13. Tony Di Bart - The Real Thing
14. Rhyme Time Productions - Go Back [Cleveland City] "come back" echo male
15. D:Ream - I Like It (Sure Is Pure Remix)
16. Stereogen - Hi-Q "I need freedom, attack the dancefloor like a bulldozer"
17. House Of Virginism - I'll Be There For You (Do Ya Do Do Do Do Ya)
18. Rhythm Quest - Closer To All Your Dreams (Golden Delicious Mix)
19. Hyper Go Go - Never Let Go (Mukka Mix)
20. Klatsch! - Dance (Be Happy) (Remix) [Fresh Fruit] "do you want to dance and be happy" female
21. Zero B - Lock Up

comment: mix features live sax & bongos from the club


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