Jeremy Healy Vol 2 & MC Kinky @ Cream, Liverpool, May 94
1. Slo Moshun - Bells Of N.Y. (Xen Mantra Mix) "pump it up homeboy" male / sax
2. JX - Son Of A Gun
3. Atlantic Ocean - Mimosa (Original Mix) disco loop
4. NY Connection - Infront / Wan' it "i want it baby" female
5. Laura O And The Heartbeat Line - Rhythm (Base Mix) "from the heart, you gotta pull it" female/piano
6. Musique - In The Bush (C. C. N. Remix 12")
7. Direckt - Two Fatt Guitars (Babetastic Mix) "do it man"
8. All Boxed In - Happen (Totally Stressed Mix) [Stress]
9. The Flavour - No Matter What U Do (Development Corporation Mix) [Jive] vocal sample from sugarhill gang
10. F.U.B.A.R. - Power Of Love [Skunk Records] "are you ready, im ready aah" female / piano
11. Ko-Moshun - New York Bells "bells are ringing, i hear those bells" female
12. Ralphi Rosario feat Xavier Gold - You Used To Hold Me (mix?)
13. Ko-Moshun - New York Bells "i hear those bells" female
14. Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On (mix?) "deep deep inside"
15. DOP - Here I Come
16. The Fog - Been A Long Time
17. Slo Moshun - Bells Of N.Y. (Luv Dups Brief History Of Dance Remix)

original tape cover

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