Jeremy Healy & Alfredo @ Bangkok, Coventry 95
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Jeremy Healy (58min)
1. New Order - True Faith '94 (Perfecto Mix)
2. Congress - Happy Smiling Faces (Nush Remix) "ah yeah" repeated male/piano
3. South Street Player - Who Keeps Changing Your Mind (Sure Is Pure Mix)
4. Billie Ray Martin - You Loving Arms (Soundfactory Mix)
5. Soft House Company II - What You Need (Luvdup Mix)
6. SAS - Amber Groove (Toxic Hijack Mix)
7. Aphrohead - In The Dark We Live (Dave Clarke Mix) "i can see the light" male
8. Shades Of Rhythm - Chicken Flied Lice (Sweet and Sour mix) [The Wandering Dragon ep] "music, deep inside of me" male
9. Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Starting Something (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)
10. Blue - Spanish Lullaby [Sun-Up records] monks chanting
11. Donna Summer - Melody Of Love (Wanna Be Loved) (Classic Club Mix)
12. Coldcut - Autumn Leaves (downtempo)

Alfredo (58min)
1. Congress - Happy Smiling Faces (Nush Remix) "ah yeah" repeated male/piano
2. Luvspunge - Sexual Healing (Original Mix) "that sensual healing" female
3. [04:50] ? inst
4. Cappella - Move On Baby (Armand Van Helden Mix)
5. The Ethics - To The Beat Of The Drum (La Luna)
6. Secret Cinema - Timeless Altitude [Music Man]
7. Mory Kante - Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor Remix)
8. [18:40] ? male/percussive
9. Sister Bliss - Cant Get A Man, Cant Get A Job (Lifes A Bitch) (Hooj Mix)
10. Party Faithful - Brass: Let There Be House (Inst)
11. MK - Burning (mix?)
12. Joey Musaphia - Cover Ups Vol 2 (track 1) sample MJ "mamma say"
13. Frederik Presents The Hug Club - Get Down [Absolut] samples the trammps - disco inferno
14. Ill Disco - Keep The Jam Going "dancing through the night" female "this is serious music" male
15. 3rd Nation - I Believe (Nick Nice & Stonebridge 70's Mix)
16. P.I.A.N.O - Untitled [White Label] (BB 002) rich in paradise piano "i want you in my life, you make my life go right" female/piano
17. Greed - Pump Up The Volume (DMC Remix)
18. Roach Motel - Wild Luv
19. G.O.D. Limited - Inside Your Mind

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comment: similar to - Jeremy Healy - Love Of Life, March 95

Jeremy Healy : Boxed 95 (Cat:Bxd 303) Recorded @ Shindig, Newcastle,

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