Hot To Trot @ Mansfield 25-3-95 (HTT5)
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown tracks
1. [00:00] ? organ
2. Skunk - John E [Skunk] "at the bottom of this mine lies a big man, big big man, big john" male/tom toms
Dave Seaman (also released as Transmission 3 tape)
3. Cabana - Bailando Con Lobos (BT Remix)
4. Soundstation - The State Of "Ecxtasy" [Strictly Rhythm] spanish guitar/bird noises
5. Shiva - Work It Out (F.O.S. Untouchable Vocal)
6. Baby Bumps - Funky Sugar [Azuli] "oh ha oh oy" female "hey the body" male (familiar)
7. Geoffrey Williams - Sex Life (Armand's Abstract Da Funk Mix)
8. God Within - The Phoenix
9. Key To Life feat Sabrina Johnston - Forever (Swingapella) "ever and ever, i cant help it, dont let it end, oh i love you, yes i love you forever"
10. Ce Ce Peniston - Keep Givin Me Your Love (Boss Mix) "take take take" female -split-
11. The Reese Project - Direct Me (Sashas 3am Drop Mix)
12. Seal - Im Alive (Sasha & BTs Atraxion Future Mix) "my future"
13. Spirits - Spirit Inside "i feel the spirit inside"
14. M People - Open Your Heart (Brothers In Rhythm Soundtrack)
15. Shades Of Love - Keep In Touch (Body To Body) (10/31 Mix) "i wanna feel your body all over my body"
16. Jam & Spoon's Hands On Yello - You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess - Great Mission (Haus Mix)
17. [43:50] ? "oh baby baby" female (briefly)

Pete & Russell (87min)
1. Sister Bliss - Oh! What A World (Accapella)
2. M People - Open Your Heart (LuvDup Dub) "you must decide now"
3. Lovestation - Love Come Rescue Me
4. Kenny Dope presents The Bucketheads - The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)
5. Carleen Anderson - Apparently Nothin (K-Klassic Mix)
6. [32:00] ? "work work baby, wooh come on, hear me out, party funkin"
7. Kitsch in Sync - Another Night "give it to me one more night, on until the morning light" female/piano
8. Data - Take Me Forever "were gonna make it forever" female
9. N.Y.G. feat Donovan Blackwood - The Real Thing "no doubt about it" male
10. Eve Gallagher - You Can Have It All (Rhyme Time Club Mix) "theres a rumour on the streets that you can have it all"
11. Zero B - Love To Be In Love
12. Sjef & Sjaak - Gearbox [Cyber]
13. Amos - Let Love Shine (Cleveland City Dub)
14. Grace - Not Over Yet (Perfecto Mix)
15. Escrima - Train Of Thought

Boy George (60min)
1. Marshal Stax - Rok Star
2. Fierce - Working Girl (Wizz'ard 12" Version)
3. [09:20] ? heavy inst (familiar)
4. [12:50] ? "youve got to leave" female
5. Janice Robinson - Children (Explorer Mix)
6. Itchy & Scratchy - I Want You
7. Eve Gallagher - You Can Have It All [Cleveland City]
8. Jam & Spoon - Ride In The Night (Flamenc-O Matic Fairytale)
9. Forthright - How Sweet The Sound [Cowboy]
10. Quivver - Twist And Shout
11. Donna Giles - And Im Telling You Im Not Going (Poppers Full Delight)
12. Tesox - Funky Bassline [Plastic City]

Allister Whitehead (88min)
1. All Saints - Lets Get Started (Love To Infinity) "if you wanna party" female/piano
2. 2 In A Room - Ahore Es (Now Is The Time)
3. Reel 2 Real feat The Mad Stuntman - Conway (CZ101 Mix)
4. Anthony Acid - Just As Long As I Got You (Close To The Original Mix)
5. Staxx - You (Matthews Love Power Mix) "love power"
6. Shades Of Love - Keep In Touch (Body To Body) (10/31 Mix)
7. The Real Deal feat Annette Taylor - Dont You Wanna Be Mine
8. Grace - Not Over Yet (BT's Spirit Of Grace)
9. Anthony White - Love Me Tonight (Gomez Rocks The Joint)
10. D'Bora - Going Round (Dancing Divaz Club Mix) "you got me going round" female/piano
11. Wildchild - Renegade Master
12. H2O feat Billie - Satisfied (Take Me Higher) "baby take me higher" female
13. Eve Gallagher - You Can Have It All (Rhyme Time Club Mix)
14. Shiva - Work It Out
15. Up Yer Ronson - Lost In Love (Up Yer Ronson Mix) 

original tape cover


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